October 2019 Box Sale Analysis


Hello all! It has been a while since our last box analysis, but I promise, you have not missed out on much! The last boxes, both the Ultra and the Adventure box, were not very striking, and were too diluted with useless items (cough, 4 max revives, and 4 max potions), to be great boxes. Speaking of great boxes, one change we have seen is the removal of the Great Box from the past few box sales. This is not surprising, as the Great Box has always been notorious for not being worth the time and coins as the other choices. This in mind, let’s dive into what we get for the start of Spooky Month in terms of box sales!

Box Analysis

Items Special Ultra
Raid Passes 1 15
Egg Incubators
Super Incubators 3 5
Star Pieces 2 4
Lure Modules 4
Lucky Eggs
Total Price 480 1480

Putting the Special Box and the Ultra Box right next to each other really do put a new perspective on things. As you can see, there is a massive jump in quality between the two, but what stands out the most are the three Super Incubators in the Special Box. Getting three Super Bators for 480 coins is not the worst deal in the world for low-coin players who just want a few incubators, and get a bonus star piece and raid pass in the process.

For the high-coin players, this Ultra Box is pretty good as well. The fifteen raid passes overcome the threshold for a return, and is a better deal than buying raid passes individually. Although, we would love more items to go along with raid passes in these boxes, especially if there are only going to be fifteen, the items that are given will help with the current Stardust Blast event! If you need raid passes, it would be wise to grab at least one of these boxes, especially for the Mewtwo Raid Hour happening on October 8th, 2019, from 6pm-7pm local time!

Analysis Special Ultra
Total Worth 800 3200
Coins Saved Per Box 320 1720
Coins Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 220 1020
% Saved 40% 53.75%
% Saved from Incubators and Raid Passes 31.4% 40.8%

Adventure Box

Items Quantity
Super Incubators 12
Star Pieces 4
Egg Incubators 2
Lure Modules 4

Not the best Adventure Box to ever walk this Earth, but it is of decent worth. Not much to say about this box except that it needs a few more Super Incubators!

Analysis Adventure
Total Worth 3300
Coins Saved Per Box 1820
Coins Saved from Incubators 1220
% Saved 55.2%
% Saved from Incubators 45.2%

Overall, this box would allow you to hatch 36 eggs with Super Incubators, and 6 eggs with the normal Incubator. If you have enough Incubators, no one would blame you to skip this box and hold off to see if the next round of boxes is blessed with fifteen Super Incubators, especially since all the hatching events are over (save for double hatching dust from the Stardust Blast).

There we have it, the whole breakdown of these new boxes, along with my humble review of them case by case. What do you say, will these boxes be a buy, or a skip?

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