Welcome Trainers, to the second article in the fan-art that is the Pokemon GO Fusiondex, in conjunction with the talented team over at Fusion Evolution.

In my foundation article Collaboration of Concepts : Fusion Evolution in Pokémon GO, I cover the mechanics of how a fusion is calculated. I will refer to these mechanics in this article but I wont be going into granular detail.

For a history of how fusion in the Pokémon Universe was born, please refer to my foundation article; or the first entry in the Fusiondex, Venustoise.


WARNING : These articles are 100% Fan-art. They are not intended to be a serious suggestion. I appreciate that these are not everyone’s cup of tea but I hope you will enjoy reading this piece of fiction.

This months entry to the Fusiondex is recommended by Reviloja, senior member of the Fusion Evolution Team.

Wailcatty, amusing as its concept sounds, is not all that good in the regular Fusion Evolution metagame. As a defensive fusion, it fails due to a mediocre typing, and, much more importantly, an ability that is essentially useless, giving it an immunity to Normal-type moves. However, I decided to pick Wailcatty for this month due to the fact that the mere concept of this fusion is some of the funniest in the Fusiondex. I’m rather curious as to how well Wailcatty would do in a Pokemon Go setting as opposed to the main series.

Wailcatty Guide

Pokémon GO Wailcatty is a dual typed Normal and Water type Pokémon. It is a blend of the Generation 3 Pokémon, Wailord and Delcatty. This type combination is only found with one other Pokémon, Bibarel, introduced in Generation 4.

Within the Fusion Evolution database, this gargantuan kitten would evolve from the Fusion Merkitty, a merger of the Ball Whale Pokémon Wailmer and the Kitten Pokémon Skitty. As they do not share the same Egg Group this would be a DNA Fusion (see foundation article for details)

In Pokemon GO, I would suggest it would be obtained by evolving a Wailmer with 400 Skitty candy (or vice versa).

Wailcatty has a MAX CP of 2398, with an ATK of 176, DEF of 132 and STA of 260

 Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Wailord Water 2258 175 87 340
DNA Splicers Wailcatty
Normal Water
2398 176 132 260
Delcatty Normal 1315 127 127 140

Wailcatty in the Meta

In this chart, we will look at Wailcatty’s stats compared to some of the other prominent Water and Normal types in the game, across all released generations in the main series.

The amount of Pokémon that bridge these two types is significant, in total 245 across the 7 released generations, at time of writing. Our oversized catfish comes in at #59, which is not too shabby given both Water and Normal have some of the strongest Pokémon available.

Water or Normal Type
Forme  Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Slaking Normal 4548 290 183 273
Regigigas Normal 4148 287 210 200
Kyogre Water 4074 270 251 182
Meloetta NormalPsychic Aria 3950 250 250 200
Arceus Normal 3836 238 238 218
Palkia WaterDragon 3818 280 225 164
Meloetta NormalFighting Pirouette 3778 269 196 200
Greninja WaterDark Ash 3656 339 157 144
Keldeo WaterFighting 3468 260 192 182
Volcanion FireWater 3460 252 231 160
Snorlax Normal 3355 190 190 320
Gyarados WaterFlying 3281 237 197 190
Blissey Normal 3219 129 229 510
Vaporeon Water 3157 205 177 260
DNA Splicers Wailcatty
Normal Water
2398 176 132 260

Wailcatty’s stats are middle of the pack, while it would not rank in the current meta the fusion does improve upon Wailord’s abysmal defense stat, although as it takes super effective damage from common gym attacker types, it doesn’t help much.

Defensively, Wailcatty has resistance to Fire, Ice, Steel and Water type moves and double resistant to Ghost types, but a weakness to Electric, Fighting, Grass type moves

Wailcatty’s Potential Movepool

Conceptually, following the rules of the Fusion Evolution mechanic, this Pokémon has access to all the moves of its composite parts.

Below is a list of all the moves Wailord and Delcatty have access to:
I have not included any Exclusive Moves from Community Days.

Fast Moves Charged Moves

If/when abilities are introduced into Pokémon Go, Wailcatty would have access to a Fusion Ability, which would be a combination of the abilities available to its constitutional parts.

The ability which is allocated within the Fusion Evolution Database is called Normal Veil, which is a fusion of Normalize and Water Absorb

Ability Ability Desc
Wailord Water Water Absorb Restores HP if hit by a Water type move, instead of taking damage.
DNA Splicers Wailcatty
Normal Water
Normal Veil This Pokémon is immune to Normal type moves.
Delcatty Normal Normalize All the Pokémon’s moves become Normal type. The power of those moves is boosted a little.

Weather Influence on Wailcatty

With weaknesses to three different moves types, Wailcatty has to take into account of the weather. In weather that has pros, use Venustoise all you want and let it tear through its enemies, but in the weather with cons, avoid using it against foes that may have super-effective moves.

The chart below will help you visualize what weather is beneficial or harmful for Venustoise.

Weather Pros Cons
Sunny Boosts opponents super effective Grass moves
Partly Cloudy Boosts its potential Normal moves
Cloudy Boosts its potential Fairy moves Boosts opponents super effective Fighting moves
Rainy Boosts its potential Water and/or Electric moves Boosts opponents super effective Electric moves
Fog Boosts its potential Dark moves
Windy Boosts its potential Psychic moves
Snow Boosts its potential Ice moves

Wailcatty Sprites

So what does a Fusion Pokémon look like? Fortunately the Fusion Evolution Team has this covered with a large collection of sprites created by their talented artists.

Normal Shiny
Pokemon GO Wailord sprite (Male) Pokemon GO Wailord Shiny sprite (Male)
Pokemon GO Delcatty sprite (Male) Pokemon GO Delcatty Shiny sprite (Male)
Pre-evolution (Merkitty)
Normal Shiny
Pokemon GO Wailmer sprite (Male) Pokemon GO Wailmer Shiny sprite (Male)
Pokemon GO Skitty sprite (Male) Pokemon GO Skitty Shiny sprite (Male)

Is this even achievable…

Well, no. As much as I would enjoy the puzzle of forming each possible Fusion, in either Pokémon GO or the main series, we have to be realistic that everything conceptualists do is considered as Fan-art. While its an acceptable and often fun medium it will unfortunately never make it into Pokémon GO.

Let’s wrap this up

I hope you enjoyed this concept, and I hope so share more in the future with our friends over at Fusion Evolution. While my usual concepts focus on modifying the existing in-game mechanics or the Overworld, this is about adding an entirely new dimension and game play outside of Niantics control.

A huge thank you to Reviloja and the team at Fusion Evolution for helping me with this conceptual entry into the Pokémon GO Fusion database.

Next month we will bring you an entry nominated by the team.

If you wish to join the discussion at Fusion Evolution, you can join the discussion at their Discord Channel

Here’s hoping Niantic is listening. Expanding content beyond the current game, can only enhance the experience for both the solo player and the overall community.