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Trainers! There has been some miscommunication regarding the GO Fest Berlin bonuses, so we are happy to clarify that the bonuses announced for the Pokémon GO Fest Seattle and Sapporo are also available at GO Fest Berlin. For full information on Pokémon GO Fest Berlin, check out our guide here.

Niantic have confirmed this information to us, and will be sharing on their official communication channels over the next few days.


The following bonuses will happen at Pokémon GO Fest Berlin:

  • 2x egg hatching
  • 9 daily free raid passes
  • A special research reward encounter with a Pokémon that has yet to appear in Pokémon GO.
  • Berlin has a combined-length special research whereas the other sites have smaller separate researches for the Park and City portion of the event. In short: Berlin = one long research, Seattle & Sapporo = two researches. Both styles of research add up to more or less the same bonuses and rewards.
  • Special stickers
  • Increased Rocket Balloons
  • 2x mysterious component rewards

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