Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey: Yogyakarta, Indonesia

A second Pokémon Air Adventures event has been announced for Indonesia! Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey is coming to Yogyakarta, Indonesia from August 24 to 25, 2024. Trainers can look forward to Special Research, new costumed Pokémon, and more gameplay inspired by Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey, all while exploring Yogyakarta.

Date, Time and Tickets Event icon

Date Time
Saturday, August 24, 2024 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. local time
Sunday, August 25, 2024
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. local time
150,000 IDR (Plus applicable taxes and fees). Buy tickets here.

Event Bonuses Event icon
Pokemon Encounter icon Increased chance to encounter shiny Pokémon!
Trade icon Make up to three special trades on your event day
Incense icon Incense activated during the date and time listed on your event ticket will last for eight hours. Please note this does not apply to Daily Adventure Incense.
Raid Pass icon You can get up to six additional Raid Passes by spinning Photo Discs at Gyms.
Team Rocket icon Team GO Rocket will appear more frequently in balloons.
Event icon Your buddy may find an exclusive Paper Airplane souvenir.

Featured Pokémon Pokemon Encounter icon

Pikachu wearing a batik shirt will appear in the wild in Yogyakarta! This particular Pikachu will appear on Saturday, August 24, 2024, and will continue to appear for over a year.

Plus, be on the lookout for Chatot, the Music Note Pokémon! Chatot can be found throughout the southern hemisphere—including in Yogyakarta.

Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey ticket holders may encounter the following Pokémon while exploring Yogyakarta during the date and time listed on their event ticket:

Raids Raid icon

The following Pokémon will appear in raids during the event:

One Star Raids

Related raid guides: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

Three Star Raids

Related raid guides: Charizard, Gyarados and Dragonite.

Mega Raids

Related raid guides: Mega Latias and Mega Latios.

Exclusive Attacks Attack icon

  • Venusaur – Evolve Ivysaur (Bulbasaur’s Evolution) during the event to get a Venusaur that knows the Charged Attack Frenzy Plant.
  • Charizard- Evolve Charmeleon (Charmander’s Evolution) during the event to get a Charizard that knows the Charged Attack Blast Burn.
  • Blastoise- Evolve Wartortle (Squirtle’s Evolution) during the event to get a Blastoise that knows the Charged Attack Hydro Cannon.
  • Latias – Latias caught during the event will know the Charged Attack Mist Ball.
  • Latios – Latios caught during the event will know the Charged Attack Luster Purge.

Event Features Event icon

  • Ticket holders will have an increased chance to encounter Shiny Pokémon
  • Special Research: You can complete an event-exclusive Special Research story and earn rewards.
  • Location Cards: Trainers with an active Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey: Yogyakarta ticket who take on in-person Mega Raids during the time on their event ticket will have a chance of receiving a Bali Location Card after catching Latias or Latios!
  • Field Research: Spin PokéStops to collect event-exclusive Field Research tasks and earn additional encounters with featured Pokémon.
  • Collection Challenge: Level up your Elite Collector medal by completing this event’s Collection Challenge!
  • Surprise Encounters: Take lots of snapshots—Latias or Latios may surprise you!

Stickers General icon

During the event, special Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey–themed stickers will be available to all Trainers in Yogyakarta, with or without an event ticket, from spinning PokéStops and from Gifts!

Special In-Person Locations General icon

This event will feature in-person activities and events in Yogyakarta for the whole family to enjoy. Please visit the Pikachu’s Indonesia Journey: Yogyakarta website for more detailed information.

Pakuwon Mall Jogja

Experience the excitement of Pokémon GO at Pakuwon Mall Jogja! Stop by during your adventure and take part in Pokémon TCG Academia as well as other exciting Pokémon experiences.

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