Top 2024 Community Day Pokémon GO Predictions

Hey there, Trainers! 2023 is finally coming to an end, which means that is time to speculate and come up with predictions of what the 2024 Community Day Pokémon could be. 

Important Notes

  • The predictions will be based upon leaks (and or rumours), past trends, and 2023 format of Community Day Pokémon
  • Community Day Pokémon for Jan and Feb have already been confirmed. Read here to find out  more. (I’ll be using info from this as fillers for the Jan and Feb section) 
  • I will also include moves, as a fun addition, because why not?
  • I’m not going to cover the Community Day Classic predictions because those have already been covered in an article by my good friend Hunter – click here to read. It may be a little outdated, but we’ll write up a new one for y’all soon. 

So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

January 2024 Community Day


Exclusive move

  • Frenzy Plant Grass (ETM)
  • Spirit Shackle Ghost also available

Hoot-hoot! The Community Day Pokémon for January is already confirmed to be Rowlet! For more information, check out our guide here. Rowlet Community Day is the first Community Day of 2024, taking place on January 6th, 2024. Decidueye, Rowlet’s final evolution, will learn the Grass type Charged Attack Frenzy Plant as is the tradition for Grass type starter Pokémon.

The Rowlet family has amazing shinies, with a mint green for Rowlet, and deeper teal shades for the evolutions. This is going to make predictions a lot easier as a new shiny starter for Community Day generally means the other two starters are also going to be featured. So yes (hint, hint!), you will see Litten and Popplio further down this list.

Shiny Rowlet Shiny Dartrix Shiny Decidueye

February 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Egg Bomb Normal,
  • Soft-Boiled Normal (leaked) 

Chansey Community Day has also been officially confirmed to take place in February. Tut, tut, tut Pokémon Company…leave some for us to figure out!

As we head into the month of romance, Chansey is the star of their very own Community Day on February 4th 2024. Chansey has already had their whole shiny family released in Pokémon GO, and is a boosted shiny odds Pokémon. It will be interesting to see what special move the popular gym defender Blissey is given. It is likely that Happiny will feature in 2km eggs during the event, as we have seen with Togepi, Elekid and Magby previously.

We have also see leaks going around saying that the moves for Blissey will be Egg Bomb and Soft-Boiled? Interesting. Counter would be better though, haha. It will make Chansey a beast in PvP. Level 50 Chansey in Great League, anyone?

I promise, the other ones down this list will actually be predictions!

Shiny Happiny Shiny Chansey Shiny Blissey

March 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Superpower Fighting

Marill is sooooooo cute! And it’s a 3-stage evolution ‘mon, which means that it is going to get a community day someday. And what better month than March? March is the time of Easter, as we transition ourselves from winter to spring. And what better time to celebrate that, with Marill Community Day? It’s a fairy type, that often appears in the wild during Spring into Spring events. 

Azurill, the baby Pokémon that evolves into Marill would likely be featured in event 2km eggs with a boosted shiny rate. However it just had its own special hatch day event so it wouldn’t be sought after that much. 

Marill’s evolution, Azumarill will learn the special Fighting type move – Superpower, which will give it more coverage in the GO Battle League, as it will be able to handle a variety of threats a lot better– including Steel and Normal types such as Registeel and Lickitung. 

Overall, a pretty solid candidate for March Community Day. 

Shiny Azurill Shiny Marill Shiny Azumarill

April 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Blast Burn Fire
  • Darkest Lariat Dark

Up next, we have April, which I presume is going to be Litten. The standard pattern for starter Community Days is that there is a two to three month gap between each of them. January Community Day was Rowlet, so I think April should be Litten.

The featured move for Incineroar, aside from the usual Blast Burn for Fire type starters, could also be… Darkest Lariat. It’s Incy’s signature move, after all! We have seen Pokémon learning two different moves during Community Days in the past. Some recent examples include Delphox learning Mystical Fire and Greninja learning Water Shuriken alongside Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon, respectively. I don’t really know how this will move will affect Incineroar. It is currently very glassy which limits its role in PvP. 

The Little family all have amazing shinies, possibly one of the best in the entire franchise. The color on them changes from a dark red to white, with the stripes and other features being orange instead of black. They would definitely be sought after, I’m sure by many trainers. 

Shiny Litten Shiny Torracat Shiny Incineroar

May 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Solar Beam Grass

I’m going to be honest, this was just a wild card. I had a hard time coming up with something for May. But Scatterbug still deserves its own Community Day. It was released in December of 2022, just about a year ago – through postcards. Pinning gifts from your friends can lead to encounters with Scatterbug, which is unfortunately shiny locked. If 

What better way to release its shiny form than during its own Community Day? Hm? After the event ends, shiny Scatterbug could be available from pinning postcards.

Solar Beam wouldn’t really affect its final evolution Vivillion much since it is currently not good in either leagues or in battling gyms and raids. But like I said, it’s a wild card. Not always will the moves or the featured Pokémon be meta-relevant and that’s fine! I’m pretty sure that no move can make Vivillion good in anything. 

The shiny is not disaoppointing, however. The grey from the entire evolution line turns into solid white, with few other minor changes. Take a look for yourself:

Shiny Scatterbug Shiny Spewpa

Since Vivillion has 18 different forms available in GO, I’m not going to include all of its shiny variants. 

June 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Stomping Tantrum Ground
  • Rock Slide Rock
  • Sludge Bomb Poison

And then there comes June. Famous for the best community days of the entire year, June always features psuedo legendary Dragon type Pokémon which are always hyped after. This year we had Axew, next year I’m sure we will get Goomy. This is probably the only Pokémon from this entire list that I am 101% sure will get its community day in 2024. 

Nonetheless, Goomy Community Day would bring a new move to it’s evolution–Goodra’s move pool. Currently, Goodra isn’t meta relevant in raids because of so many other better Dragon out there (Dragonite, Salamence, Rayquaza–you name it!), but it is a pretty decent option to consider in the Master League.

It was difficult choosing a move for Goodra, however, I ultimately decided to throw in 3 that could be possible options. Stomping Tantrum, Rock Slide and Sludge Bomb were my top choices. 

The shiny, is of course magnificent. It was released during GO Fest this year, but not everyone got it. Community Day will decrease its value significantly. 

PS: Sliggoo and Goodra have their own Hisuian forms as well. Will Niantic release them too, alongside Goomy Community Day? That would make it even more hype!

Shiny Goomy Shiny Sliggoo Shiny Goodra

July 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Hydro Cannon Water

Another two months have passed, which means it is time for the final starter community day of 2024: Popplio!

Primarina will of course, learn the Water type move: Hydro Cannon, like all Water starters do. 

Shiny Popplio doesn’t look much different than the original, but Brionne and Primarina have significant changes. The purple on Brionne and light pink on Primarina looks very subtle and clean. A job well done by the developers.

Shiny Popplio Shiny Brionne Shiny Primarina

August 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Acrobatics Flying


A lot of people hate this Flying type Pokémon, but I think it’s very cute. And Besides, Niantic loves to put 3-stage birds as more relaxing Community Days. In the past few years, we’ve seen this with Fletching and Starly.

Besides, it’s been more than a year and a half since Pikipek made its debut into GO, and Community Day would be an amazing event to release its shiny from. Pikipek isn’t that good of a shiny. But, Trumbeak and Toucannon are much better. Their bodies turn different colors, and look a lot vibrant from their original versions. 

The move for Toucannon can be acrobatics. Toucannon has no use in any aspect of the game and I doubt that any move given to it will not it improve its state whatsoever. 

Shiny Pikipek Shiny Trumbeak Shiny Toucannon

September 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Volt Switch Electric

That moves us to September which I think should be Klink.

Aside from special events, Klink has only been available through eggs, raids and field research in the past, which makes it a very rare shiny. This year, we had Timburr Community Day which was previously similar in terms of availability to Klink. So, the idea of a Klink Community Day isn’t too far-fetched. (see what I did there? haha…..)

Volt Switch would be a nice addition to Klinklang’s move pool, and help it in PvP. Its stats aren’t high enough for it to even be considered an Steel type raid attacker. 

The entire Klink family has beautiful golden shinies, that I have been waiting to get my hands upon since its release.

Shiny Klink Shiny Klang Shiny Klinklang

October 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Will-o-Wisp Fire

October the spoooooky month! Surely Niantic can’t deny us a Phantump Community Day, right? Right?

If it ever happens, make sure to get as many candy XLs as possible to power up Trevenant for the open UL. Get good PvP IVs for both GL and UL. It’s a beast in both of those leagues. Will-o-Wisp will be a nice spicy move for Trev to have, and will help it deal a lot better with Ice and other Grass types. 

Their shiny variants, I daresay are some of the best, if not the best in the entire game. The white with accents of grey just looks SOOO good on them. The red leaves, add a nice finishing touch too. If Phantump Community Day ever happens, I will definitely aim to get as many of these shinies as possible for reroll with lucky friends to possible get my hands on a SHUNDO. With the lucky background as well. Ahhh, even the thought of that puts a massive smile on my face. 

Shiny Phantump Shiny Trevenant

November 2024 Community Day


Exclusive Move

  • Weather Ball Normal
  • Icy Wind Ice
  • Icicle Spear Ice

The way I look at the entire Vanillite family is that Vanillite is a is a small ice cream cone; Vanillish is a medium vanilla; and Vanilluxe is a LARGE sundae from Rita’s. The kind I treat myself to on my cheat days.  

The pink ice cone just got its shiny released during the Winter Holiday event. And its shiny is well…not bad. The more I look at it, the more I crave for a nice scoop of ice cream. The purple really suits its evolutions, and is a nice upgrade over the crystal blue. 

I’ll skip explaining the moves in-depth because Vanilluxe has a crap moveset in the MSG, and the moves I inlcuded will help it get better in GO, but nothing will really make it worthwhile, if you know what I mean.

Despite all of this, Vanillite is still a good pick for Community Day due to it’s nice shiny, and its November! The time where the weather really starts to get cold. And no one wants to have a meta relevant Community Day during winter!

Shiny Vanillite Shiny Vanillish  Shiny Vanilluxe

December 2024 Community Day

Unless Niantic changes their mind, December Community Day will always be a wrap-up event. If you miss any shinies during 2024, you should definitely play this event!

Parting Words

And that’s all for me. I’ve rambled enough in one article. If you have a different opinion than me, then please–feel free to drop a comment below and tell us what YOU think should be a Community Day candidate during 2024.

GOODBYE! Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

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