2023 Level 30 and 40 Challenge Tasks and Rewards

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Seasonal Timed Research focused on catching up on XP and levelling up will be available starting with this event until the end of 2023! Complete the research tasks by reaching Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, and Level 40 to earn items and Stardust at each milestone.

Trainers can automatically claim rewards for a milestone they have already passed at the start of the event. Please note that Timed Research expires. The tasks associated with this Timed Research must be completed and their rewards must be claimed before Sunday, December 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. local time.

2023 Level 30 Challenge Tasks and Rewards

2023 Level 30 Challenge (Stage 1/3)

Task Rewards
Reach level 10 Stardust icon 1000× Stardust

Completion rewards

  • Razz Berry icon 10× Razz Berry
  • Pinap Berry icon 10× Pinap Berry
  • Nanab Berry icon 10× Nanab Berry

2023 Level 30 Challenge (Stage 2/3)

Task Rewards
Reach level 20 Stardust icon 2000× Stardust

Completion rewards

  • Incense icon 1× Incense

2023 Level 30 Challenge (Stage 3/3)

Task Rewards
Reach level 30 Stardust icon 3000× Stardust

Completion rewards

  • Premium Raid Pass icon 1× Premium Raid Pass

2023 Level 40 Challenge Tasks and Rewards

2023 Level 40 Challenge(Stage 1/1)

Task Rewards
Reach level 40 Stardust icon 4000× Stardust

Completion rewards

  • Premium Raid Pass icon 5× Premium Raid Pass
  • Ultra Ball icon 50× Ultra Ball

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