Expanded Generation 2 Meta-Impacting Pokemon Analysis

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Expanded Generation 2 Meta-Impacting Pokemon Analysis

USER GUIDE | Submitted by SeanTr0n on 07 January 2017I will try to not be repeat info from this article, but here is some new Generation 2 info to consider.

Like most of you, I have spent the last two months anxiously waiting for all of the Generation 2 Pokemon to be released. To satisfy my curiosity, I have done a good bit of research into it. These are some of the big changes I expect will occur to the meta.

 1. Blissey

A lot of people think Tyranitar will be the biggest change to the meta, and even though Tyranitar will shake things up a bit (more on that later), I think Blissey will be the biggest game changer (unless Niantic nerfs her, which may be necessary).

With base stats of 229 Defense and 510 HP, Blissey is almost TWICE as tanky (defined by Defense * HP) as Snorlax and still shares the great Normal typing. This will make Blissey impossible for lower-level players to take down. Right now, lower-level players can take down a Snorlax by not dodging and just taking the damage.

That won’t be enough to take down Blissey. I’m not sure if Niantic has considered this, but if they have, part of me thinks they will nerf Blissey because once every gym has a high-level Blissey in it, low-level trainers will simply time-out every time they try to take one of those gyms.

If she doesn’t get nerfed, look out.

2. Tyranitar

This is already covered thoroughly in a previous Pokemon GO Hub guide and, yes, I agree with most of that. Tyranitar might be the high-powered attacker we need to take down Blissey in a reasonable time. Tyranitar also might could a demand for stronger Fighting type Pokemon who are currently almost useless because of his double weakness to Fighting type attacks.

3. Kingdra

I think Kingdra is underrated in the other article (probably because they are only focused on attacking). Kingdra will be useful because its dual Water-Dragon typing will make hit only weak to the uncommon Fairy and Dragon types (and it could hit Dragons back with super effective STAB dragon attacks).

Kingdra could be a handy and unique generalist whenever it is available.

4. Umbreon

Unfortunately, this good-looking Pokemon has fairly pedestrian Attack, but its unique typing will make it (and the other Dark Gen 2 Pokemon) the first Pokemon in the game to resist Physic attacks and hit Physic Pokemon with moves that benefit from STAB.

Furthermore, Umbreon’s great Defense and good HP allow it to greatly out-perfom its CP (because CP calculations favor attack stats). And finally, if Umbreon has access to Bite, one of the best training quick moves in the game (and I think it will), it will be far more efficient than any Alazakam traininer than anything we have seen so far, being capable of taking down probably 3 or more Alakazams with more than double Umbreon’s CP.

5. Heracross

The best Tyranitar counter we could ask for. Heracross resists Dark attacks, his Bug attacks are super effecitve against Tyranitar’s Dark typing and his Fighting attacks are super effective against Tyranitar’s dual Dark-Rock typing.

Furthermore, Heracross could be the best Fighting type Pokemon in the game and the best Bug type Pokemon in the game (along with Scizor), depending on the moveset. This could potentially change the meta game a little bit because currently, these two types are very poorly represented.

Heracross could give Ice and Fighting types something to worry about, but also give bug lovers a Bug that could be a respectable Gym defender.

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