How many Trainers you need for every level 3 and level 4 Raid Boss

USER GUIDE | Submitted by GamerAshSladeHello fellow Trainers!

With the addition of the Raid System into the game, many of us are confused on how to approach each raid boss, how many of us does it take to slay that 16000 CP, 22000 CP, 30000 CP beast.

I am here to share my experience so far with many of these Raid Bosses so far and to propose a classification with the minimum number of trainers for each level 3 and 4 Raid Boss.

Recommended Minimum number of Raiders
Raid Tier  Raid Boss Trainers
★★ (3) Vaporeon 2
★★★ (3) Arcanine 3
★★ (3) Machamp 3
★★ (3) Jolteon 2
★★ (3) Gengar 3
★★ (3) Flareon 3
★★ (3) Alakazam 3
★★★★ (4) Lapras 7
★★★ (4) Blastoise 4
★★★ (4) Venusaur 4
★★★ (4) Charizard 4
★★★★ (4) Snorlax 7
★★★★ (4) Rhydon 7
★★★★ (4) Tyranitar 8

Please take in consideration that there was no math involved in this classification, just good old-fashioned trial and error!

Vaporeon and Jolteon

I had no problem taking down those two beasts with just one additional trainer, both of us using STAB and/or SE/2xSE moves. Although it was suggested that it is possible to solo a Vaporeon, I will not risk using a Free pass, or a Premium pass trying to solo one.

Machamp and Arcanine

With two other trainers, these beasts are easy to take down with some time to spare nonetheless, but if you’re lacking one trainer, you can still take ‘em down with just another high level trainer, but you’ll both cut it quite close.

Gengar, Flareon and Alakazam

Now they are something else! In case you didn’t know by now, they have the highest ATK stat in the game at the time of writing this article (29.06.2017). I, personally, haven’t been in a raid with any of them as Bosses, but from what people told me so far, the lowest number of trainers needed is 3 with time to spare, including yourself. There is also an article here on the Hub explaining how to solo a Gengar if you are high enough.

Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur

I have been in a Charizard raid with four other trainers and we managed to take him down with 50 seconds remaining on the clock and since all of them have the same total base stats, i think that it’s pretty safe to say that the minimum number of trainers needed is 4.

Snorlax, Rhydon and Lapras

This is a bit different, I didn’t had the time or enough Snorlax and Lapras raids happening in my city, but in the two that I have been in (1 Snorlax, 1 Lapras), there were 8 of us in the Lapras raid and 9 in the Snorlax raid. In both cases we took them down with 1 minute and 30 seconds, respectively 1 minute and 12 seconds remaining. Thus, I think it’s safe to go in with 6 other trainers, as long as you all are over level 25.


The boss of all bosses, the most powerful of them all, one of the biggest loser since the motivation system was introduced. Even though there’s a high chance that if you get to a Tyranitar raid as soon as possible, there will be enough people to help you take him down, there’s also a chance that nobody will come at all.

So to be safe, from my experience, you’ll need to find 7 other trainers to just cut it close. Tyranitar Raid guide is available on the Hub.

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