Gengar Raid Boss

Gengar is one of the Raid Bosses encountered in Group Raids, and is proven to be soloable with a team of high CP Pokémon that benefit from SE moves against Gengar.

Gengar Boss CP is 19768 and it can have Max Capture CP of 1496 (Perfect IV).

Best attackers against Gengar

Best Attacker Other options

No matter if you try to solo Gengar or raid with friends, keep in mind that Gengar is dual typed: ghost and poison.

The best Pokémon to fight Gengar is Tyranitar, due to it’s dark typing and access to moves like Bite/Crunch. Bite generates Energy very fast and Crunch has three bars, so it’s very easy to sneak in a Crunch before your Tyranitar faints. Tyranitar also takes not very effective damage from ghost and poison moves, so it’s well covered against Gengar’s attacks.

Additionally, the following Pokémon proved to be strong attackers against a Gengar Raid Boss:

  • Espeon / Alakazam with Confusion / Futuresight
  • Gyarados with Bite / anything (Crunch prefered), Gyarados takes full damage from Gengar’s attacks
  • Golem / Rhydon with ground moves, they stay alive for long and deal Super Effective damage
  • Dragonite is always a good choice
  • Houndoom with Snarl / Foul Play

A honorable mention goes to Steelix who receives 2x Not Very effective damage from poison moves, making him last a long, long time. Additionally, Iron Tail + Earthquake can deal a significant amount of damage, however, it’s still lower than the rest of the list.

Gengar Solo Raid Tips

Gengar Solo raids are possible and have been already achieved using the Pokémon highlighted above.

  1. Stock up with a healthy amount of Tyranitars and any combination of the above mentioned Pokémon
  2. Do not attempt if you’re under Level 30 and your Pokémon are not decently powered up, you will just waste resources
  3. Minimum required CP values:
    1. Tyranitar: 2800+
    2. Gyarados: 2800+
    3. Golem/Rhydon: 2600+
    4. Dragonite: 2600+
  4. Do not enter the raid unless you have proper movesets. Movesets are everything against Gengar.