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Pokemon GO Registeel is one of the three Legendary Golems, filling the Steel golem archetype and being a Legendary Raid Boss. Registeel has a minuscule max CP of 2261, making it the weakest Pokemon GO Golem in terms of CP. Regice and Regirock are around CP 3087. Registeel best moveset is Metal Claw and Flash Cannon.

Registeel’s best stat is DEF (285), which is the sixth highest in Pokemon GO. It has access to a few decent moves that enable two different builds, however its has poor ATK (143) and HP (160) stats.

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Registeel in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
379 Registeel
143 285 160 2261

Registeel in the Pokémon GO meta

Registeel is a reasonable Steel addition to the Pokemon GO meta game. It has access to solid moves that benefit from STABRegisteel takes increased damage from the following types: Fighting, Ground and Fire.

Let’s take a look on how Registeel stacks up against the other dominant Steel attackers, Metagross, Steelix and Aggron. Using simulations (PokeBattler) was the best way to see how well Registeel stacked up against these Pokemon when taking down a common defender, Tyranitar, who is weak to Steel.

Although other Pokemon are a more viable choice against Tyranitar, it is still a great example to use because of its raw power. The best Steel move sets were used in this simulation for each Steel Pokemon and no dodging was chosen for realism.

Interestingly, Registeel managed to deal more damage against Tyranitar (with Bite/Fire Blast) than Metagross! Dealing approx 10% more damage, but both Pokemon did indeed faint. Steelix on the other hand, did survive with 19% of its health remaining and also dealt a small 5% more damage than Registeel. As for Aggron, it was a blowout. Not only did Aggron deal 13% more damage, it also survived with 34% of its health remaining!

With Steel being one of the best counters to use against Rock types, Registeel is a solid choice. When it comes to countering other Pokemon like Ice types, Registeel is still a good option as well. Still not the best though.

The same applies for countering Fairy types as you can see from above. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Registeel is how many types it takes reduced damage from (10)!  Registeel takes reduced damage from the following types: Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Steel, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dragon and Fairy. Registeel is immune to all Poison types!

All in all, Registeel should still be a part your Steel team.

Registeel moves and best movesets in Pokémon GO

Best move set: Metal Claw/Flash Cannon Steel

In the main series games, Registeel had a wide variety of moves to choose from and Pokemon GO is no different. There are ideally two move sets you can have for Registeel:

  • Fighting
  • Steel

Steel is the by far the best choice as both moves benefit from STAB and will become even more powerful with a 20% boost in snowy weather! There are far more superior Fighting type Pokemon like Machamp and Hariyama. Using a fighting move set is not highly recommended.

Hyper Beam is a strange third choice move that we don’t recommend.

Registeel can have the following moves:

  • Metal Claw Steel – quick move
  • Rock Smash Fighting – quick move
  • Flash Cannon Steel – charge move (1 bar)
  • Focus Blast Fighting – charge move (1 bar)
  • Hyper Beam Normal – charge move (1 bar)

Shiny Registeel in Pokemon GO

Regular Registeel is a full body light gray color with red gems on its knuckles and has red button eyes. Its shiny variant boosts its brightness and has a full body gray-ish light blue tint to it, whilst maintaining the same shade of red on both its knuckles and eyes.

Shiny Registeel

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