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Regice is one of the three Legendary Golems in Pokemon GO, filling the Ice golem archetype. Regice has a solid max CP of 3087 making it the highest CP of all Ice type Pokemon currently in the game.

The number one thing Regice is know for is its incredible DEF (356), which is the second highest in Pokemon GO. It has access to solid moves that enable two different builds and unfortunately mediocre ATK (179) and HP (160).

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Regice stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
378 Regice
179 356 160 3087

Regice in the Pokémon GO meta

Regice in an interesting Ice addition to Pokemon GO. It has access to powerful moves that benefit from STAB. In most situations, Articuno bests Regice as the king of Ice attackers overall, but not in all of them!

Using simulations (PokeBattler) was the best way to see how well Regice stacked up against Articuno when taking down a defending Dragonite. The best Ice move sets were used in this simulation for each Pokemon. Stunningly, Regice fared better against Dragonite (with Dragon Tail/Outrage) than Articuno did. Although Articuno did approx 5% more damage, Regice was still able to defeat Dragonite while maintaining approximately 36% of its health! Articuno was left with only 29%!

With Ice being the best counter against Dragon types, Regice is the go-to Pokemon to choose because its survivability is so high! When it comes to countering other Pokemon like Rhydon, there are far more superior choices. If your going against Grass types, leave your Regice at home and let your Fire types do the work! All in all, Regice should definitely be a staple in your Ice team.

A nice addition to the attacking meta game and a true Dragon type killer! Lookout Salamence!

Regice is weak to the following types: Fighting, Rock, Steel and Fire. Regice resists  damage from the following type(s): Ice

Regice best moves and movesets in Pokémon GO

Best move set: Frost breath/Blizzard Ice

In the main series games, Regice had a wide variety of moves to choose from and Pokemon GO is no different.

There are ideally two move sets you can have for Regice: Fighting and Ice. Ice moves are a better choice as both moves benefit from STAB and will become even more powerful with a 20% boost in snowy weather!

As there are far superior Fighting types like Machamp and Hariyama, a double fighting move set is not highly recommended, but it is a viable option.

Regice can have the following moves:

  • Frost Breathe Ice – quick move
  • Rock Smash Fighting – quick move
  • Blizzard Ice – charge move (1 bar)
  • Focus Blast Fighting – charge move (1 bar)
  • Earthquake Ground – charge move (1 bar)

Shiny Regice in Pokemon GO

Regular Regice is a normal, full body light blue color with yellow button eyes. Its shiny variant boosts its brightness and has a full body neon baby blue color whilst maintaining the same shade of yellow eyes.

Shiny and Normal Regice

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