Gible is a Dragon and Ground type Pokémon. Based on the stats of his last stage (Garchomp), comparing with the previous generations, it should be extremely hard to find in the wild.

As most of the 3 stages families, it should take 25 candy to evolve into Gabite.

Gible’s Max CP will be 1112, with an ATK of 124, DEF of 84 and STA of 151. It won’t do much besides be placed in gyms in order to farm candy by feeding berries or walk with him as your buddy.

Weather Influence on Gible

Gible, as a first stage Pokémon, won’t make much of the weather boost. On the other hand, being a dual type Pokémon, is great news for trainers. This means that we can easily find it in two different weather conditions Sunny and Windy.


Despite it not being a relevant attacker or defender, here’s a list of the moves Gible will have access to according to the game master:

Fast Move Type Charged Move Type
Mud Shot Ground Dig Ground
Take Down Normal Body Slam Normal
Twister Dragon

Shiny Gible

Shiny Gible will be easy to spot, since its shiny version has garish colors. The blue on its body is more alive and its torso is yellow instead of red. Despite that, we would bet that it won’t be available anytime soon. Maybe Niantic will save that up for a Community Day as it did with Dratini, Larvitar, and Beldum.

Normal Shiny

Pokédex Entries and Facts

Gible, the Land Shark Pokémon. Gible once lived in the tropics, and to avoid cold it lives in caves warmed by geothermal heat.
– Khoury’s Pokédex

  • Gible may be a combination of gobble or ground and nibbleFukamaru may be a combination of 鱶 fuka (shark) and 丸 maru (round; also a suffix in young boy’s names), and may also play on 深まる fukamaru (to deepen, to become deep).
  • Appearance-wise, Gible seems like a cross between a European dragon and a shark. Gible and its evolved forms may also be a reference to the book After Man: A Zoology of the Future. One species mentioned is a type of land shark that lives in desert regions.

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