Pokémon GO Togekiss is a dual Fairy and Flying type Pokémon. Togekiss will definitely be an exciting addition to the meta game: its max CP is 3171, which will place it as the highest-CP Fairy type until Florges and Xerneas are released in Gen 6. With an Attack stat of 225, Defense of 227, and Stamina of 170, Togekiss has the potential to become a fearsome Dragon slayer!

Togekiss evolves from Togetic (introduced in Gen 2 along with its baby form, Togepi). In the main series games, it evolves when a Togetic is exposed to a Shiny Stone. Most likely, the evolution of Togetic to Togekiss will cost 100 candies and the evolution item Shiny Stone. The candy evolution cost of Togepi to Togetic is likely to be cut down to 25 (originally 50) when Togekiss is released.

Togekiss in the Meta

Sadly, Fairy types fare poorly in the current meta for two main reasons: their lack of access to a STAB quick move and (in general) low base stats. The future looks slightly brighter for Fairies, but for now, only three currently available Fairy types can break 2000 max CP with so little competition, it won’t be hard for Togekiss to rise above the rest. For a more in-depth look at how Fairy types can potentially be made useful, check out Ysmael’s analysis on Fairy types.

Fairy Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Togekiss 3171 225 227 170
Gardevoir 2964 237 220 136
Granbull 2440 212 137 180
Clefable 2353 178 171 190
Mr. Mime 1984 192 233 80
Wigglytuff 1906 156 93 280

From the above list, Togekiss clearly has the most well-rounded stats of all currently available Fairies. Although it may not have the highest stat in any category, it is tankier than Gardevoir (the current best Fairy type) and evidently outshines all other competition.

If Niantic decides to implement a Fairy quick move to make Fairy types usable, Togekiss will likely see much use in the future meta. Fairy may be super-effective on Dark, but you might want to refrain from attacking Tyranitar with Togekiss as Stone Edge deals super-effective damage to Togekiss’ Flying half.

Togekiss will be great for attacking Dragonite, Salamence and other Dragon types in Gyms, and will deal super-effective damage with Fairy moves to the legendary raid bosses Palkia and Giratina in Gen 4 (Dialga’s Steel typing makes Togekiss a poor counter), as well as Rayquaza, Latios, and Latias if they ever return to Raid battles.

It is also likely (but not guaranteed) that Togekiss will be able to learn a full Flying moveset. In any case, here’s a comparison of Togekiss’ stats with those of other prominent Flying types (note that only Pokémon which are able to learn Flying type moves are listed, therefore Gyarados, Salamence and the Legendary Birds are excluded):

Flying Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina
Ho-Oh 3889 239 274 193
Rayquaza 3645 284 170 191
Lugia 3598 193 323 212
Dragonite 3581 263 201 182
Togekiss 3171 225 227 170
Flying types have limited use in the meta to begin with, and as per the chart above, every major contender for the title of Flying type king is far better off in a different niche. Rayquaza is the only one of the above that can learn a double Flying moveset, Air Slash/Aerial Ace but there’s really no reason to power up a Rayquaza as a Flying rather than a Dragon attacker. Overall, it’s highly unlikely that Togekiss will see much use as a Flying type as they are simply not relevant — not even for Machamp raids.

Togekiss, being a FairyFlying type, takes super-effective damage from Poison,Rock,Steel,Electric, and Ice, while sporting resistances to Grass and Dark and immunity/double resistance to Ground, Bug, Fighting and Dragon.

Togekiss’ Expected Movepool

Based on moves that Togetic already has access to, as well as Togekiss’ learnsets in the main series games, here is a chart of some of its possible moves:

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Air Slash Flying
  • Extrasensory Psychic
  • Steel Wing Steel
  • Zen Headbutt Psychic
  • Hidden Power (varies)
  • Aerial Ace Flying
  • Sky Attack Flying
  • Dazzling Gleam Fairy

Weather Influence on Togekiss

Togekiss has several weaknesses and strengths that are boosted in varied weather conditions. The chart below will help you visualize what weather is beneficial or harmful for battling or raiding with Togekiss.

Weather Pros Cons
Sunny No pros or cons
Partly Cloudy Boosts super-effective Rock moves
Cloudy Boosts its potential Fairy type moves Boosts super-effective Poison moves
Rainy Boosts super-effective Electric moves
Fog No pros or cons
Windy Boosts its potential Flying type moves
Snow Boosts super-effective Ice and Steel type moves

Shiny Togekiss

Shiny Togekiss will be available as soon as it is released, as Shiny Togepi and Togetic are already obtainable (through hatching Shiny Togepi; good luck!). Shiny Togekiss looks nearly identical to its regular form; it has a slight cream tint to its usually pale blue body, and the red and blue accents atop its head and its chest switch places.

Normal Shiny

Pokédex Entries and Facts

Togekiss is known as the “Jubilee Pokémon.”

  • According to its Black/White Pokédex entry, “It shares many blessings with people who respect one another’s rights and avoid needless strife.”
  • Togetic and Togekiss are the only Pokémon with a dual FairyFlying typing!
  • Togekiss’ design is inspired by birds, specifially doves (alluding to its ability to bring peace and blessings) and snowy owls (in appearance).

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A Fairy type with enough bulk? Attack that rivals Gardevoir? Check! Counter to multiple Gen III raids? Check! Togekiss is shaping up to be a solid attacker, an even better raider, with only one thing potentially holding it back: Togetic's rarity. Togekiss