Aerodactyl is a Tier 3 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, with Boss CP of 17924. This page lists best Aerodactyl counters and strategies to solo raid it. Aerodactyl raid counters are heavily based on a variety of Water, Electric and Rock type Pokemon that deal super effective damage and utilize his type weaknesses. Aerodactyl can be solo raided using the same counters as in group raids.

Aerodactyl raid catch CP is as follows:

  • 1417 – 1490 perfect IV, no weather Boost
  • 1772 – 1863 perfect IV during Windy or Partly Cloudy weather

Aerodactyl can be easily defeated by 2 Trainers and can successfully be soloed due to relatively low defense and variety of available counters. Shiny Aerodactyl is available in raids.

Aerodactyl Raid Counters

You can use the same counters for normal and solo raid attempts. Prioritize Kyogre and Raikou / Zapdos. Jolteon and Gyarados are Glass options. Vaporeon is good.

Aerodactyl raid chart
Aerodactyl countersAerodactyl
Weakness Electric Rock Steel Water Ice Boosted by Windy Partly Cloudy
Aerodactyl solo counters
RaikouRaikou Thunder Shock Electric Wild Charge Electric
KyogreKyogre Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
ZapdosZapdos Thunder Shock Electric Thunderbolt Electric
TyranitarTyranitar Smack Down Rock Stone Edge Rock
GolemGolem Rock Throw Rock Wild Charge Electric (Alola)
JolteonJolteon Thunder Shock Electric Thunderbolt Electric
GyaradosGyarados Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
VaporeonVaporeon Water Gun Water Hydro Pump Water
MetagrossMetagross Bullet Punch Steel Flash Cannon Steel
JynxJynx Frost Breath Ice Avalanche Ice

Aerodactyl is a relatively easy fight, with very little moves that you should be afraid off. More interestingly, a fair chunk of Aerodactyl counters don’t take increased damage from his moves – quite the contrary!

Aerodactyl has access to following moves:

  • Steel Wing Steel (fast)
  • Bite Dark (fast)
  • Hyper Beam Normal (1 bar charged)
  • Ancient Power Rock (3 bar charged)
  • Iron Head Steel (2 bar charged)

Kyogre and other Water based counters are a great solid against all move sets, while Raikou, Zapdos and Jolteon should be used carefully if pitted against an Ancient Power Aerodactyl. A special note has to be said about Gyarados, who takes SE damage from Ancient Power, but is still a very solid option due to having Waterfall.

Ancient Power is not a great move, but combined with type advantage and a potential weather boost, it can hurt, especially with dodge glitching out and spotty network coverage.

If you’re planing to use Steel counters, be aware that they deal significantly less damage than Kyogre and Raikou – good for anchors, but not great as DPS machines. Tyranitar with Stone Edge is a great filler for any team.

Solo Aerodactyl considerations

  • Use Rainy weather to boost the best Aerodactyl counters: Kyogre, Raikou and Zapdos
  • Hyper Beam is a challenging match up, don’t underestimate it
  • Ancient Power fires often and if you’re lagging / dodge glitched, it will hit you

Solo Aerodactyl tips and tricks

  • Raikou is the king when it comes to solo raiding Aerodactyl, it’s simply the best counter out there. With 125.45s TTW, it can rip through Aerodactly fairly easily.
  • Smack Down Tyrantiar is a strong attacker, but it is strictly worse than Raikou, Kyogre and Zapdos
  • Alola Golem is a good option, but Smack Down TTar is better
  • Zapdos dies a lot, and Kyogre is a bit slow to charge up, but they are both still valid options