Best Pokemon to use Technical Machines (TMs) on

Pokemon GO Attack Rankings Chart
Pokemon GO Attack Rankings Chart

Technical Machines are a fairly fairly rare Raid drop, making them very precious and important. We created a list of Pokemon that benefit the most when you re-roll their moves via a Fast or Charged TM.

Do note that some of these entries contain Legacy Moves, for example the hated Twister Gyarados. We’ve included a short explanation how we built this list and why some Pokemon are not included (example: Golem) after the chart.TIPS: bold marks a preferred move in a scenario where multiple move outcomes are possible. ⚠️ marks a move that should be replaced again, as it’s considered sub-optimal.

Pokemon that benefit the most from TM usage
Pokemon Move to replace Type Potential new moves
Tyranitar Fire Blast fire Charge Crunch dark
Stone Edge rock
Dragonite Hyper Beam normal Charge Outrage dragon
Hurricane flying
Snorlax Earthquake ground Charge Hyper Beam normal
Heavy Slam steel
Rhydon Megahorn bug Charge Stone Edge rock
Earthquake ground
  Gyarados Twister dragon Charge Hydro Pump water
Outrage dragon
Crunch dark
Donphan Tackle normal Fast Counter fighting
Machamp Bullet Punch steel Fast Counter fighting
Heavy Slam steel Charge Close Combat fighting
Dynamic Punch fighting
Stone Edge rock Close Combat fighting
Dynamic Punch fighting
⚠️ Heavy Slam steel
  Alakazam Focus Blast fighting Charge Futuresight psychic
Shadow Ball ghost
Dazzling Gleam fairy Futuresight psychic
Shadow Ball ghost
⚠️ Focus Blast fighting
Scizor Night Slash dark Charge X Scissor bug
Iron Head steel
Omastar Mud Shot ground Fast Water Gun water
Gengar Focus Blast fighting Charge Shadow Ball ghost
Sludge Bomb poison
Lapras Dragon Pulse dragon Charge Ice Beam ice
Blizzard ice
Hydro Pump water
Poliwrath Ice Punch ice Charge Dynamic Punch fighting
Hydro Pump water

Discussion and more information

As you have probably observed, several high tier Pokemon are missing from the list, namely Golem, Espeon, Blissey and Exeggutor. The reasoning behind their removal is simple: their worst movesets do not benefit from TM usage as much as Pokemon listed above.

Any Pokemon you have can be improved with TMs, depending on the way you want to use it and it’s moveset, but that’s not an excuse to use a Charge TM on a Rock Blast Golem instead of using it on a Heavy Slam / Stone Edge Machamp. You will gain roughly 5% more damage on your Golem, but your Machamp could gain more than 25% more damage.

As far as other missing entries go, their moves are close enough in performance that we do not recommend using TMs on them (Espeon, Exeggutor) or their stats play a much bigger role than their moves (Blissey).

Why are there no Fire Types in the list?

Honestly, fire Pokemon have been constantly disappointing us ever since the game launched, both in term of availability and performance. There are almost no scenarios where we would recommend “fixing” your Fire Pokemon, mostly due to the following:

  • At this point in time, we expect almost every Pokemon GO player to have a half decent Flareon, which is the optimal fire type to use in Raids and Gym offense. Flareon can no longer obtain his worst charge move (Heat Wave) and you won’t gain a lot by fixing other moves.
  • Hybrids like Houndoom are good enough to replace all non-Flareon fire Pokemon.

Parting words

No parting words. Fix your Gyarados.

Credits: pololoco99