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Community Day: IRL Guide

Community Day: IRL Guide
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So, you have accumulated hundreds of different Pokéballs, countless Pinap berries, cleaned out box space, and you head off to your favorite local Community Day location, sounds great right? You managed to catch a few shinies, got a few Exclusive Moves, maybe even made a few friends, you go home, and then the realization kicks in…

You are completely sunburned.

Why didn’t you take sunblock? And now that you think of it, do you really ever go “prepared” to Community Day? Us as Trainers spend countless hours preparing for this monthly event without really taking into consideration the real life aspect of it, sure, we might have the friends to hang out with, the battery packs to charge, the location and the time, but what about taking care of our Trainer?

Here we are going to take a look at the IRL items Trainers should carry on them when Community Day rolls around, and the major part of what we bring with us, depends on the IRL weather, so what better way is there to analyze the weather then by using the weather system! Throughout this Guide we will see the different in-game weather patterns and check their IRL counterparts.

(Please note that the weather system does not always portray the correct weather accurately, so please check your local weather listings ahead of time.)

General Information

We all know that there are certain items Trainers can’t leave home without, whether it affects the way we catch Pokémon or not, there are certainly things that are a MUST on Community Day.


Okay, it goes without saying that YOU HAVE TO WEAR CLOTHES TO COMMUNITY DAY (unless you plan on celebrating from a jail cell). Even though that is a must, depending on the weather and your particular style, the clothing you see will vary on Community Day, from intense Trainers in full athletic gear, to the pajama-wearing Trainers just trying to be comfy.

Food and Drink

Just like clothing, having a drink with you is a must, and we highly recommend you fill up on snacks! Although Food and Drink isn’t required, we still want you to take care of all your needs, it wouldn’t be the first time that someone forgets to eat or drink anything after being filled on Shiny hype. Like stated previously, what you eat or drink will depend on each Trainer, but there are certainly some things we can recommend!

Other Items and Safety measures

So you know what to wear, you have your fill on snacks, you got the place and time, what’s left? There a few general things (that most Trainers already know of) that you should always take with you no matter the weather:

  • A Backpack – Having a place to store your things on the GO is essential
  • Backup Batteries/Chargers – Never run out of juice!
  • Extra Cash – In case of emergencies, need to pay for a quick transportation, or etc
  • Phone Data – If you are running low on Data, be sure to check that phone calls/text messages are covered in your phone package, you might need it in an emergency
  • Go Plus/Gotcha – If you need to put Pokémon Go on standby for any reason, you can still play
  • Friends – If you need an extra hand, some support, or want to have even more fun!

Sunny Weather

It’s a beautiful day out” – Says the person who now looks like a Chansey. Let’s be straight here, a sunny day is beautiful, however if you go without giving it a second thought, it won’t be so beautiful afterwards.


Many Trainers may just consider “walking clothes” to be the appropriate attire, but this isn’t always the case, you could stick with athletic ware, but if you are not that kind of Trainer, here’s what we recommend:

  • Head ware – Put on your adventurer Hat!
  • Light Clothing – Maybe stick with some shorts and a shirt? Just don’t go out in a full Team Rocket jumpsuit (cough cough, looking at you, Kristy)
  • Foot ware – Stick with running shoes, you can look fabulous in your heels later

Food and Drink

Depending on how much you walk/run around on Community Day, your water intake will be different from everyone else’s. Since the weather is Sunny, you are more likely to sweat; that loss of fluid has to be replenished with more water, so in summary. Here are a few things we recommend you take:

  • Water – Drink as much as possible, and even more if you can
  • Fruits – Great for water intake and great to get your energy flowing

Other Items and Safety Measures

Depending on the intensity of the weather, these items may or may not be necessary, we will leave that up to you. These items include:

  • Sunblock – Not Sunscreen, Sunblock, as it offers more protection and we highly recommend you use it no matter the temperature
  • An Umbrella – Although strange, we recommend it for the especially vulnerable Trainers, better to be protected and be called a Gliscor, then to pink up like Chansey

Rainy Weather

“It’s Raining Men” – Rain is one of the favorite weather patterns of many Trainers, although that doesn’t mean that we can let our eagerness get in the way of our health.


Depending on your area, Rainy weather may be very cool, or in fact a bit warm, and because of this your clothing will vary. But as a general base, we recommend:

  • Head ware – If the rain is light, maybe you only really need a hat
  • Covered Clothing – Unless if you love getting wet, you might want to pull out those sweat pants and a hoodie and cover up!
  • Foot ware – Rain Boots (of course)

Food and Drink

If you plan on taking something to munch on, we recommend taking things you can get to easily, store in a little baggie, and not have to worry about getting wet. However, if you are a bit half-hazardous with taking care of your food, then take foods that can get wet!

  • Water – Reasonable amounts
  • Chocolate – Gives steady energy and it’s a great carry-snack!
  • Trail Mix – Mixed Nuts are a great way to both eat healthy and fulfill your snacking needs
  • Fruits/Vegetables – Foods that can become wet!

Other Items and Safety Measures

First thing is first: IF THERE IS A THUNDERSTORM, DO NOT GO OUT IN THE THUNDERSTORM. The last thing anyone wants to hear is “Zapdos used Zap Cannon and it was very effective“, so please, for the love of Arceus, do not go out in a Thunderstorm, no Shiny is worth the risk of your safety. Besides this, there are a few extra things you should take:

  • Extra Clothing – Wearing wet clothing for an extended amount of time is an easy way to get sick, take an extra pair of everything and change whenever you can!
  • An Umbrella – The easiest and most effective way of remaining dry will always be using an Umbrella
  • A Ziploc Bag – Want to protect your phone from water damage? Keep it in a Ziplock bag!

Partly Cloudy Weather

Partly Cloudy weather can be considered to be the neutral weather of the game, not only does this show with boosting Normal types, but IRL it can be considered just average.


For Partly Cloudy weather, you really don’t have to dress for the occasion! Just use whatever you feel comfortable in.

  • Head ware – An optional hat in case it turns to Sunny weather!
  • Light Clothing – An optional hoodie is recommended in case Cloudy weather rolls in
  • Foot ware – Stick to good ole running shoes

Food and Drink

Since Partly Cloudy weather naturally creates a more relaxed environment, you are more likely not to run around intensely throughout the 3 hour window, so because of this, you can take:

  • Water – Average amounts
  • Other drinks – Feel free to go and pickup your go-to drink, maybe a tea, maybe a soda, anything you’d like!
  • Light snacks – Sit back, relax, maybe you buy some chips, maybe you buy some crackers, whatever it is, just sit back and relax!

Other Items and Safety Measures

Unlike the other weather effects we have seen, there really isn’t anything else you need to take with you or watch out for. In Partly Cloudy weather, Community Day is easy!

Cloudy Weather

Cloudy weather is good for Trainers who really hate the sun, however one should be prepared for the climate changes that may occur.


Just like Partly Cloudy weather, here you can use whatever you would like. However if you want to play it safe, you should take:

  • Light Clothing – An optional hoodie is recommended in case Rainy weather appears
  • Foot ware – Running shoes (Forrest would be proud)

Food and Drink

As we don’t expect many Trainers will be willing to run around in the gloomy Cloudy weather, food and drink can be dealt with the exact same way as with Partly Cloudyweather

  • Water – Average amounts
  • Other drinks – Feel free to choose your favorites, something to make you feel good!
  • Light snacks – Cloudy weather is best for when you have the munchies!

Other Items and Safety Measures

There is a possibility that the weather could change and become Rainy, so be weary, other than this, there should be nothing to worry about.

Windy Weather


Although Windy weather is sought out by Trainers for Dragon types, what does it mean for Trainers when there’s no dragon in sight?


Clothing wise you are probably better off wearing clothes to cover up in case it gets cooler. Take this as example:

  • Covered Clothing – Unless if you love getting wet, you might want to pull out those sweat pants or PJs and a hoodie and cover up!
  • Foot ware – Running shoes like always!

Food and Drink

To combat the cool Windy air, we recommend you take Tea, Coffee, or water to hit the spot. Hungry? Take a warm snack! Maybe you threw a Hot-Pocket in the microwave, maybe you just want a slice of cake to pair with your coffee, in Windy weather, it’s possible.

  • Water – Average amounts
  • Tea – It’s calorie free, helps boost your immune system, and taste great? What’s not to love?
  • Coffee – In the cool breeze, it never hits to drink a cup of joe and feel snug.
  • Warm Snacks – Anything that brings you to that cozy spot!

Other Items and Safety Measures

There isn’t much you can take with you besides the essentials, so have fun! However, Trainers should prepared for if there are sudden weather changes such as Rainy.

  • A thermos – Maybe you want to take that chicken noodle soup? A thermos has got you covered for any hot food or drink you want to take on the GO

Snowy WeatherSnow-Weather-Pokemon-GO

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” – Snowy weather is probably one of the most despised weather conditions to have on Community Day, it’s great for beautiful AR Pics, but horrible for catching Pokémon with frozen fingers.


Okay so, it’s more than obvious that you are definitely going to need to pack a bit of punch in this one:

  • Head ware – Use something to cover your ears as they are more vulnerable to the cold, don’t forget to bring a scarf ans cover your mouth and neck!
  • Heavy Clothing – Heavy jackets, thick jackets, multiple layers of clothes. Enough clothes that if a Machamp were to throw a punch at you, you wouldn’t feel it
  • Foot ware – as crazy as it may sound, put on long socks, then proceed to put on bread bags on your feet, this will help to avoid your feet getting wet and cold, then put on your shoes, (boots would be best)
  • Other accessories – Gloves, preferably ones that still allow you to use your phone!

Food and Drink

Foods and drinks here take up after Windy weather, although in more extreme instances, here we cannot exaggerate enough that you should take food that keeps you warm, and if you have none, at least take some food that you can enjoy.

  • Water – Average amounts
  • Tea – It’s calorie free, helps boost your immune system, and taste great? SIGN ME UP
  • Coffee – In the snowy nights, a good cup of coffee or chocolate does well
  • Warm Snacks – Anything that brings you to that cozy spot!

Other Items and Safety Measures

Similarly to Rainy weather, IF THERE IS A SNOW-STORM, DO NOT GO OUT IN THE SNOW-STORM. The last thing your fellow Trainers want to hear is that you had a “less than enjoyable” run-in with Articuno. No Shiny is worth the risk of your safety. Besides this, there are a few extra things you should take:

  • Hot stones/Pads – These will be good for retaining heat, stick them in your pockets, and you’ll be on fire
  • Snow Toys/Activities – Get a sled, a shovel, build a fort, have fun, it’s SNOWING, take advantage of it!

Foggy WeatherImage result for fog weather pokemon go

“The Mist” would be an accurate way to describe this situation, a mist (fog) appears and along with it bringing fictional but very real creatures.


Fog tends to be a bit chilly, but it isn’t anything extreme, so we should really take this to be somewhat similar to Cloudy weather:

  • Light Clothing – An optional hoodie is recommended in case Rainy weather appears
  • Foot ware – Running shoes (for when the misty creatures appear!)

Food and Drink

We don’t recommend Trainers take to running in Fog weather, especially if it is difficult to see large distances in front of you. So the best way to spend your time is by taking it slow and calmly. How can you do this? Well:

  • Water – Average amounts
  • Other drinks – Feel free to go and pickup your go-to drink, maybe a tea, maybe a soda, anything you’d like!
  • Light snacks – Sit back, relax, maybe you buy some chips, maybe you buy some crackers, whatever that will keep you going!

Other Items and Safety Measures

Before going out, test this out, go outside and grab a friend, ask them to stand 5 meters in front of you, if you can see them, then tell them to go 5 more meters away, if you can still see them, then you can go out without an issue, however if you cannot, we recommend you stay away from any roads or streets, 5 meters is too close to see traffic coming. If you cannot see even 5 meters in front of you, DO NOT GO OUT.

  • A Flashlight – As ridiculous as it may sound, having a light in these situations could be extremely useful


For the prepared Trainer, this may have seemed pointless, but speaking truthfully, we tend to forget what Pokemon GO is really all about. Community Day has the purpose of bringing Trainers together to interact with each other in the real-world, however it happens so often that we completely overlook the real-world aspect.

This doesn’t just happen to ourselves, but to our fellow Trainers as well, us as a Community have to find the resources to help each other strive forward in out efforts, and Community Day is the personification of this very same attitude.

Don’t forget, the most important asset on Community Day is you, the Trainer, without you there would be no Pokemon, no shinies, no hunt, no Community Day, and really, no Community. It’s a bit sad that we forget that sometimes. And how can we fix this? By taking care of ourselves the same way we protect our Pokemon, with care and time and effort, Community Day is a time to celebrate being a Trainer!

Happy Community Day, Trainers!