Breaking News: Ho-Oh Raid Boss returning on May 19th and bringing Shiny Ho-Oh along!

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Trainers, this is not a drill! We interrupt the beginning of Charmander Community Day #5 to announce you that once again, Niantic is bringing back an old Legendary into the game along with its Shiny counterpart: Ho-Oh!

Pokémon GO Ho-oh
Pokémon GO shiny Ho-oh

Ho-Oh will return starting May 19 (which is today for some of you) and leave us again on June 7, so make sure to try as hard as you can to grab one!

We have updated our Ho-Oh Raid Boss guide so make sure to check it out! Things have changed the last time you encountered this fiery beast!

The announcement went live quite subtly and late (here in EST) when compared to other announcements made by Niantic in the past. It’s also the first time where Niantic actually mentions the word Shiny  in any announcement (only previous mention was in a Tweet when Shiny Magikarp was released), which is somewhat interesting. Let’s hope that Niantic will follow in their own footsteps for any future announcements.

Parting Words

A few questions still remain:

  • Does this return have anything to do with the upcoming Adventure Week event which is supposedly returning this month? Based on Ho-Oh’s typing, it is very unlikely, but it’s always exciting to see a new Shiny being introduced in the game.
  • Will Shiny Ho-Oh have a 100% catch rate just like Shiny Lugia had? The answer is yes, it does!

Regardless, Community Day #5 has certainly turned into an entire day of activities compared to the usual 3 hours. Take this opportunity to raid in big groups to find a Shiny Ho-Oh, but also to potentially trigger an EX-Raid!

Make sure to report your findings on our Discord Server here! There’s always something going on over there. Worry not, we don’t bite.

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