Generation III Pokemon GO
Generation III Pokemon GO


we’ve received a number of requests to create a full change log for the recent Generation III release. Although almost all of this was already covered on the Hub, it does make sense to create a full list of changes for easy navigation and exploration.

If you see fit, feel free to share this with the returning players in your local area, it will help them get on board faster.


50 new Hoenn Pokemon were released

There are 50 new Generation III species in the game, most of them are actually useful!

Generation III Regional Map
Generation III Regional Map

A new weather system is in the game

A new dynamic weather system is now live in the game, creating special spawns and powering up specific type moves. The in-game weather follows the real world weather and it’s updated nearly real time. The new weather system has flipped the entire meta up on it’s head.

  • A chart showing how which types are influenced by particular weather is available on our Weather Page (credits to LeekDuck) 
  • Weather-influenced wild spawns can be caught above level 30, with player reports going as high as Level 37 catches
  • Weather-influenced spawns have stronger IVs than normal spawns. At least 5 / 5 / 5 IV values are guaranteed
  • Weather also influences raid bosses! Raid Bosses that receive a weather buff can be caught at level 25 (no weather buff equals level 20)
  • Weather also influences move damage, giving approx 20% more damage to moves whose type is buffed by the current weather.

Battle Party feature has launched

A new mechanism that enables you to create teams / lists of six Pokemon has launched, currently only usable in Raids and Gyms. You can use the Battle Party feature to create curated lists of attackers and manage your raiders efficiently.

Two new raid bosses and shiny Pokemon have been released

Absol (Tier 4) and Mawile (Tier 2) are appearing as two new Raid Bosses and are also available in normal and shiny variants. Although Mawile is not useful in the current meta, you might have an interest in a strong Absol, which is a solid, although not top tier, dark type glass cannon.

Plus, it looks amazing!

Shiny Mawile and Absol Pokemon GO
Shiny Mawile and Absol Pokemon GO

A number of Generation I and II Pokemon had their moves adjusted

The following Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon had their moves changed:

  • Rhydon
    • Can no longer learn Megahorn bug (charge)
    • Now learns Surf water (charge)
  • Seaking
    • Can no longer learn Poison Jab poison (quick)
    • Now learns Waterfall water (quick)
  • Gyarados
    • Can no longer learn Dragon Tail dragon (quick)
    • Now learns Waterfall water (quick)
  • Lapras
    • Can no longer learn Ice Beam ice (charge)
    • Now learns Surf water (charge)
  • Feraligatr
    • Can no longer learn Water Gun water (quick)
    • Now learns Waterfall water (quick)
  • Politoed
    • Can no longer learn Earthquake ground (charge)
    • Now learns Surf water (charge)
  • Kingdra
    • Can no longer learn Water Gun water (quick)
    • Now learns Waterfall water (quick)
  • Suicune
    • Can no longer learn Hidden Power normal (quick)
    • Now learns Snarl dark (quick)

A new Stardust boosting item has been discovered in the APK

We have data mined a new item in the 0.85.1 APK, called Star Piece. Star Piece increases your Stardust gain by 50% for 30 minutes and will be purchasable in the bundles of 1x, 8x and 25x pieces.


Star Piece is not yet live.

Delibird moves and move animations have been added in the APK

Delibird moves have been added to Pokemon GO in 0.85.1! We believe that Delibird will be released during the 2017 Holiday event, starting around December 21st. The 2017 Holiday event event was confirmed to TechCrunch by Niantic’s Archit Bhargava.

  • Delibird’s signature move Present was added in 0.85.1, similar to how Ditto’s Transform was added prior to its release
  • Full support for the Present fast move is in the APK, including the sound effects and required textures
    • present_fast game object
    • mesh_present.png
    • 217-0_present audio clip

A lot of smaller changes have been released

  • The battle UI has been revamped, now prominently featuring your Pokemon’s charge move:

  • OpenStreetMap is now the underlying map data provider for the in-game map, so your local area will look different than it used to