Gender evolutions coming in Gen IV: Ralts, Snorunt, Burmy, Combee

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Written by Kristy

The addition of Gen 3 Pokémon to Pokémon Go has brought a few fan favorites to the floor, this including the Ralts family of Ralts, Kirlia and Gardevoir.

However, there is still one Pokémon missing, and that is Gallade, Gardevoir’s male counterpart. When Gen 4 was released, Kirlia received a split evolution based on a few different factors, and put a twist in the family line.


  • Multiple Pokémon have gender based evolutions in Gen IV
  • Save a high IV male Ralts for Gen IV in order to easily evolve a good Gallade

Gallade is good

In Gen 4 and beyond, a player can obtain a strong Psychic Fighting type Pokémon Gallade by evolving a male Kirlia with a Dawn Stone.

Gallade is expected to be a good Pokémon in the meta once released in the next generation, so if you manage to catch a high IV male Ralts, it would be best to save it for Gen 4.

Gallade has the following stats:

  • Max CP: 2964
  • ATK: 237
  • DEF: 220
  • STA: 136

With this in mind, how might his evolution translate to Pokémon Go?

Genders and evolution items requirements for Gallade

Evolution items and stones are already a thing in Pokémon Go, as seen with Bellossom, evolving with 100 candies and the use of a Sun Stone. It can be assumed that with the release of Gen 4 Niantic will add the Dawn Stone and most likely add gender evolution as well. The evolution requirement for Kirlia to evolve into Gallade with these speculations would be:

  • having a male Kirlia
    • which should not be too difficult because the gender split for this family is 50/50
  • 100 Ralts candy
  • a Dawn Stone.

It is hard to imagine Pokémon Go leaving out the need for genders to evolve because Gallade is not the only Pokémon to evolve with a certain gender, especially not in Generation IV.

Other Pokémon that get new evolutions with gender in the next gen, or just evolve with gender are Snorunt, Burmy and Combee:

  • A female Snorunt can evolve into Froslass when exposed to a Dawn Stone and either gender can evolve into Glalie.
  • Burmy has two different evolutions based on gender as well, though only males can evolve into Mothim and only females can evolve into Wormadam.
  • Lastly, a female Combee is the only species that can evolve into Vespiquen, as the males have no evolution.

Below is a chart to help facilitate how gender specific Gen 4 Pokémon evolve:

Male Female Either
Ralts Gallade  – Gardevoir
Snorunt Froslass Glalie
Burmy Mothim Wormadam
Combee Vespiquen

Hold onto those Ralts candy, and pay attention to genders in preparation for Generation 4! Happy hunting!

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