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Pokémon GO Gym Update are now live and we went out to test and collect real world info about the new systems which have been deployed. This page details all new Gym mechanics.How fast do Pokémon lose motivation?
As per our testing, it’s required to defeat one opposing Pokémon 6 to 7 times for it to be defeated. We tested it out with a Gyarados and a Tyranitar, and here are the results:

Fight 1 Fight 2 Fight 3 Fight 4 Fight 5 Fight 6 Fight 7
Tyranitar 2770 2319 1868 1416 1009 580 0
Gyarados 1489 1230 971 712 452 0

It’s not yet conclusive, but roughly 15%-18% percent of CP is lost each fight.

How does Berry feeding work?
Berries restore roughly 15-18% of your Pokémon CP on first use, similar to how much 1 lost battle reduces. After the first time you fed a Berry, diminishing returns start kicking in. Each successive Berry feeds for far less than the first one, roughly 50% less at first and that drop off continues!

When is a Gym Badge awarded?
A gym badge is awarded after you successfully fought and defended a Gym. It is not awarded when you first claim a Gym, you have to feed, battle, defend, etc..

Can you still shave Gyms (insert Pokémon before the Battle winner does)?
No, you can’t! Gyms now have anti-shaving protection that prioritizes Battle Winners. The concrete message is “Battle Winners have priority”!

Can Gyms be lured and how much items they drop?
No, Gyms can’t be lured, but they can be spin just as PokéStops. In our testing, Gyms were consistently dropping 2 normal items + 1 extra item when it was under our Team control.

How does Gym bonus loot work?
According to our testing, you always get 1 extra item when spinning a Gym controlled by your Team. The dropped loot seems to be completely random. The Team bonus loot is highlighted by your team’s color, so you clearly know which item is from where. Additionally, depending on the Gym Badge level, Bronze, Silver, or Gold, you get bonus items indicated by a gold highlight, up to 7 per spin from a gold gym controlled by your team.

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