Jessie and James Counters Guide

Team Rocket is Blasting Off Again!

Hey Twerps Trainers,

Jessie and James can now be encountered via their Meowth-shaped balloon! This announcement was teased lightly by some Team Go Rocket grunt dialogue, but the sudden announcement/release has still taken many trainers by surprise.

They won’t stick around, so battle them while you can!

The Lineup

Pokemon #1 Pokemon #2 Pokemon #3
Jessie Pokemon GO EkansEkans Pokemon GO ScytherScyther Pokemon GO BagonBagon
James Pokemon GO KoffingKoffing Pokemon GO SneaselSneasel Pokemon GO BeldumBeldum

They’re fought back to back. You can encounter Ekans from Jessie and Koffing from James. If you’re lucky, they can be shiny! You receive 500 dust and a Rocket Radar Component for each.

Shiny Ekans/Koffing Comparison

Normal Shiny
Ekans Pokemon GO Ekans Pokemon GO Shiny Ekans
Koffing Pokemon GO Koffing Pokemon GO Shiny Koffing

The Counters

Their Pokemon aren’t that threatening, being unevolved. As long as you have some decently strong Pokemon, they shouldn’t be an issue.

For Jessie, a Rhyperior can use Smack Down on Ekans to charge up a Rock Wrecker or two and demolish her Scyther and Bagon in one blow. Community Day Tyranitar is an acceptable secondary option, but Scyther’s Fury Cutter could sting it a bit.

For James, you could use Lucario’s snowballing Power-Up-Punches with Shadow Ball to one-shot Beldum. Koffing doesn’t have anything to really scare you away, and Sneasel’s shattered by fighting moves. His Beldum’s not a threat, as it has functionally no charge move and a weak fast.

In Closing

It’s pretty cool in my opinion to see the iconic duo in Pokemon GO (even if their artstyle clashes a little). Although they’re only temporary, it’s still gonna be fun to battle them, and they’re bound to return for another Team Rocket based event! Good luck, trainers!

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