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Jigglypuff is currently available in raids as a Tier 1 raid boss, and it can be caught with the following CP values:

  • 370 – 413 CP at Level 20, no weather boost
  • 463 – 517 CP at Level 25 with Partly Cloudy and Cloudy weather boost

It is a Normal and Fairy type Pokémon, which makes it only weak to Poison and Steel type moves. And yes, it can be shiny.

Jigglypuff Raid Counters

Since Shadow Pokémon are extremely expensive to power up and require specific events to remove Frustration with a Charge TM, they will NOT be listed as raid counters in this article. That being said, if you have the shadow form of a listed raid counter Pokémon powered up and TMed, use it.

Jigglypuff’s best raid counters are listed below, according to our Pokémon GO DB battle simulator:

# Pokémon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Gengar (Mega) Hex Ghost Sludge Bomb Poison 4.90s 0.00
2. Swampert (Mega) Mud Shot Ground Hydro Cannon Water 4.90s 0.00
3. Scizor (Mega) Fury Cutter Bug Iron Head Steel 4.95s 0.00
4. Blaziken (Mega) Fire Spin Fire Blaze Kick Fire 5.00s 0.00
5. Alakazam (Mega) Psycho Cut Psychic Psychic Psychic 5.10s 0.00
6. Beedrill (Mega) Poison Jab Poison Drill Run Ground 5.20s 0.00
7. Overqwil Poison Sting Poison Sludge Bomb Poison 5.50s 0.00
8. Sceptile (Mega) Fury Cutter Bug Frenzy Plant Grass 5.73s 0.00
9. Blastoise (Mega) Water Gun Water Hydro Cannon Water 5.70s 0.00
10. Genesect (Burn) Metal Claw Steel Magnet Bomb Steel 5.90s 0.00
11. Genesect (Douse) Metal Claw Steel Magnet Bomb Steel 5.90s 0.00
12. Genesect (Normal) Metal Claw Steel Magnet Bomb Steel 5.90s 0.00
13. Manectric (Mega) Thunder Fang Electric Wild Charge Electric 5.93s 0.00
14. Scizor Bullet Punch Steel Iron Head Steel 6.00s 0.00
15. Metagross Bullet Punch Steel Psychic Psychic 6.00s 0.00
16. Deoxys (Attack) Poison Jab Poison Zap Cannon Electric 6.00s 0.00
17. Venusaur (Mega) Vine Whip Grass Sludge Bomb Poison 6.10s 0.00
18. Vileplume Acid Poison Sludge Bomb Poison 6.10s 0.00
19. Victreebel Acid Poison Sludge Bomb Poison 6.10s 0.00
20. Nihilego Acid Poison Sludge Bomb Poison 6.10s 0.00
21. Gyarados (Mega) Waterfall Water Aqua Tail Water 6.20s 0.00
22. Steelix (Mega) Thunder Fang Electric Heavy Slam Steel 6.42s 0.00
23. Dialga Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel 6.40s 0.00
24. Excadrill Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel 6.40s 0.00
25. Bisharp Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel 6.40s 0.00
26. Durant Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel 6.40s 0.00
27. Kartana Razor Leaf Grass Leaf Blade Grass 6.40s 0.00
28. Zacian Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel 6.40s 0.00
29. Zacian (Hero) Metal Claw Steel Play Rough Fairy 6.40s 0.00
30. Charizard (Mega Y) Wing Attack Flying Flamethrower Fire 6.50s 0.00
31. Slowbro (Mega) Water Gun Water Psychic Psychic 6.50s 0.00
32. Aggron (Mega) Iron Tail Steel Heavy Slam Steel 6.50s 0.00
33. Charizard (Mega X) Ember Fire Flamethrower Fire 6.70s 0.00
34. Breloom Counter Fighting Sludge Bomb Poison 6.70s 0.00
35. Glalie (Mega) Ice Shard Ice Avalanche Ice 6.70s 0.00


Jigglypuff does not have many weaknesses, but if you don’t have ANY of the Pokémon listed above powered up, you can always use:

  • Generalist” Pokémon such as Psycho Cut + Psystrike* Mewtwo
  • Other heavy-hitting Megas

Stats and Max CP

Jigglypuff NormalFairy
Max CP at Level 40 724 | Max CP at Level 50 818
ATK 80 DEF 41 STA 251
Weak to Strong Against
Poison Steel Fighting Dragon Dark


Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Feint Attack Dark
  • Pound Normal
  • Dazzling Gleam Fairy
  • Gyro Ball Steel
  • Disarming Voice Fairy

Jigglypuff’s evolution, Wigglytuff, is mainly used in Great League PvP as a powerful Charm user.

Aside from that, Wigglytuff can also be used as a decent gym defender in Pokémon GO. The main reason being its great stamina stat, the fact that it isn’t weak to fighting type moves and most importantly, it provides very decent bulk despite not having a very high CP, which translates to a low CP decay when placed in gyms.

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