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Pokémon Genesis: History of the Pokémon world

Pokémon Genesis: History of the Pokémon world
History of Pokemon World


In the beginning there was nothing. What would eventually become the Universe consisted of a formless black mass, hovering over an endless plain of nothingness. That was until an egg appeared. In that moment, Arceus was born, a being of immense, incomprehensible power, and the void radiated with light for the first time.

Shaping countless arms from his latent energy, Arceus set to work creating the trio that would finally fertilise its barren existence. He named these children: Dialga, Palkia and Giratina.

Dialga Palkia  Giratina

Dialga roared into the void, and the concept known as time burst into being. Palkia lifted its arms high, releasing titanic waves of matter into the darkness, and the void became known as space, populated with galaxies, planets and blazing stars. Finally, Giratina’s eyes lit up with a ferocious intensity, and antimatter to oppose Palkia’s matter silently appeared in every corner of space, bringing balance to that chaotic realm. The Universe as we know it had been born.

And yet, the peace was short lived. Each seeing its creation as more important than the others, a bitter war erupted between the three children. Time spiralled out of control, threatening to send the Universe back to the chaotic blackness that had ruled before, and space grew unstable once more, pierced by tendrils of antimatter known as black holes. Seeing this, Arceus unleashed his first judgement, banishing each of the trio to their own separate realms, whilst simultaneously locking much of their power into three mysterious orbs. The war was over.


Turning his attention back to creation, Arceus willed three more beings into existence: Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza. Not wanting to repeat his past mistakes, he bestowed less of his power upon each of the three, although still enough for them to complete the grand designs he had planned. Picking his favourite of Palkia’s planets, he set his plan into motion.

Groudon Kyogre Rayquaza

Groudon raised the land violently, willing massive plumes of molten rock to the surface from deep within the planet’s core. Kyogre covered the rest of the surface with a life giving substance known as water, while Rayquaza filled the remaining area with an atmosphere of “air”.

Inevitably, tensions between the three often flared up. Occasionally, large sections of Groudon’s land would disappear into the ocean overnight, or Kyogre’s territory would be invaded by the appearance of a new island. But Arceus had been cunning; this time, a fragile peace was maintained through the intervention of Rayquaza, who acted as a mediator, untouched by either of his siblings. There was only one thing on which all three siblings could agree: a name for their planet, Earth. As Earth aged, it grew more stable, until Groudon and Kyogre were eventually coaxed into taking up a long rest by Rayquaza. Groudon retreated into Earth’s fiery mantle, Kyogre rested within the deepest depths of the ocean and Rayquaza kept watch from above. With the safety of Earth ensured, the next phase of Arceus’ plan could now begin.


Before Arceus could create any more creatures, he saw it necessary to prepare the planet for their arrival. Therefore, he created a solitary being: Regigigas, to cultivate the garden of his creation. With herculean effort, Regigigas tore Groudon’s solitary landmass apart, forming smaller areas known as continents. Once this was done, Arceus began to differentiate these areas into biomes. For the first time, mountains pierced the sky; deserts scorched the Earth, and lush Rainforests and meadows provided life-sustaining sanctuary. Earth was now ready.

Arceus roared, sacrificing huge amounts of his divine power as thousands upon thousands of creatures began to cover the Earth, each belonging to one of eight tribes. Victini populated the deserts, deriving their fiery strength from the heat that sustained them. Diancie colonised the ground and caves, giving even the most humble areas of Earth a beauty unmatched. Strange beings named Jirachi fluttered in the skies and peaceful Manaphy drifted carefree in the seas. Meloetta, Shaymin and Celebi inhabited Earth’s forests and plains, each magnifying the beauty of their surroundings even further. Finally, huge numbers of Mew colonised every corner of Earth, multiplying fruitfully and increasing the populations of both their own tribe and others, through their unique ability to adapt and transform.

Celebi Mew

Life was simple. For many years, Earth was a cornucopia of harmony and love, untouched by the violence and strife that had plagued the early days of the Universe. But all good must come to an end, and the golden-age of Earth was destined to eventually draw to a close.


Divine as he was, Arceus was not infallible. Although initially satisfied with his creation, he eventually grew bored. The Universe was stagnant; gone were his days of creation and glory, gone were his first three children, instruments of such awesome power and wonder, and gone was much of his own strength, sealed within Earth, the jewel in the crown of his empire. Change was on the horizon. With some difficulty, Arceus created two new servants, the Eon Duo: Latias and Latios. Far from the safety and harmony of Earth, these creatures were tasked with exploring the chaotic reaches of space, in the hopes of discovering new and wondrous creatures that could be brought back to Earth. Although at first promising, this plan quickly turned sour.

Latias Latios

First was the being known as Hoopa. Although initially appearing deceptively harmless, it harboured a dark secret. Upon being brought to Earth, it transformed into something else entirely, something evil. Something so powerful that Arceus himself had to intervene, trapping Hoopa within a powerful artefact known as a Prison Bottle. But still, Arceus did not relent.

Deploying Latios and Latias once more, the next creature they discovered was an entity named Darkrai.
Within days of Darkrai’s arrival, a wave of nightmares had taken hold of Earth’s inhabitants, originating from within a shadowy dimension that even Arceus’ lessened powers could not penetrate. Begrudgingly, Arceus created another powerful being: Cresselia, to negate Darkrai’s negative influence. With Cresselia’s help, Arceus succeeded in greatly limiting Darkrai’s influence on Earth.

Darkrai Cresselia

One final time, Arceus sent out the Eon Duo. This time they discovered an intelligent, peaceful entity known as Deoxys, a life form that was cellular in nature. But as the three began their journey back to earth, disaster struck. Radiation from deep within space caused Deoxys to mutate, transforming the once peaceful being into a harbinger of doom.


Growing more and more powerful, it rained destruction upon the peaceful inhabitants of Earth. Only through the intervention of Rayquaza was Deoxys defeated, but by then the damage had been done. The inhabitants of Earth had been ravaged beyond repair. Within weeks the population of Earth had been reduced from thousands to less than one-hundred. The few remaining individuals of each species cowered deep within their habitats, too frightened to re-emerge, and once again Earth found itself silent and barren. Arceus’ plan had failed.


Calling his most powerful creations to council on the lofty peaks of Mt Coronet, Arceus began to formulate a plan that could fix the damage he had inadvertently wrought upon Earth. Creating more of his original eight creations would be impossible; he had precious little of his divine power left, and so the decision was made to change creation, rather than to create anew.

With difficulty, several of the surviving Mew were brought to Spear Pillar. Although difficult, Arceus eventually succeeded in persuading them to his plan, for he was not a cruel ruler, wanting only happiness and contentment for his subjects. Sacrificing much of their power and pushing their abilities of transformation to the extreme, the Mew divided rapidly into groups of weaker, yet still magical creatures, creatures that would one day become known as Pokemon. Like their creators, these creatures too could change; growing into more powerful forms as their now mortal lives progressed.

Grateful for their sacrifice, Arceus gave the remaining Mew the privilege of naming their children, which they did with glee, bestowing them with names such as Aerodactyl and Tyrantrum, each fitting their individual powers and personalities. With that, the inhabitants of Earth were left to propagate once more.

Aerodactyl Tyrantrum

Over countless millennia, the Pokemon of Earth multiplied and changed beyond recognition. Through the processes of speciation and evolution, the number of separate species of Pokemon eventually grew to number in the hundreds. Arceus’ plan was progressing exactly as he had planned. Until something unexpected occurred, something even he could not have foreseen. A new race had appeared; separate from Arceus’ Pokemon, and lacking the awesome power of their counterparts. Although slow and weak, they were also sharp of wit, and quickly grew their numbers, expanding to every known corner of the planet. For a short time, Arceus considered crushing them, but decided against it. For now, he reasoned, they were harmless. He named these creatures: Humans.

Arceus silently watched and waited as humanity grew and developed. From the wheel to advanced farming methods, over time humanity developed ingenious tools to assist their painfully limited existence, a trait that did not go unnoticed by their overseer. Impressed and humbled by their craftsmanship, Arceus decided to reward them.

Wanting humans to radiate with the same love and energy that had first inspired him to create Earth, Arceus sought after three wise Mew Elders, providing them with greater power and knowledge than they had ever known. These elders became known as Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit, symbolising knowledge, emotion and willpower respectively. Together, the trio worked to spread these emotions throughout the world, finally providing humanity with the tools necessary to truly grow beyond their limited means. But Arceus had yet more to give. Having long-since fulfilled his original purpose of splitting the continents apart, Arceus now tasked Regigigas with assisting the humans in their growth, exalting their measly societies into something more congruent with the rest of his creation. And so the work began.


Regigigas set upon his task with glee, using his immense power to accelerate the growth of mankind beyond comprehension. Within a day, he could clear whole forests, or peaks as tall as the clouds, all for the expansion of human towns and cities. Within a week, entire populations of Pokemon could be brought for collaboration with humans. Blissey, for example, could heal even the deadliest of wounds, saving those that were beyond the help of even the most skilled human healers. From this, the special bond beyond people and Pokemon, the bond that binds us together to this day, grew from nothing.

Contrasting the raw strength provided by Regigigas, Arceus also provided humanity with powerful creatures known as Heatran and Volcanion, formed from the life energies of thousands of fire and water type Pokemon, with Heatran providing mankind with huge reserves of molten metal, and Volcanion with the power of steam, pushing humanity’s fledgling technology to greater heights than ever before.

Similarly, the energies of countless electric, flying and ground type Pokemon were poured into the formation of three powerful elementals: Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus, each tasked with defending human settlements from the forces of nature and their destructive influence.

Landorus Thundurus Tornadus

But Arceus was no fool. He saw plainly that some of the more unsavoury humans had no qualms with abusing Pokemon, killing them for sport, experimenting on them for fun, or worse. To punish them, as he had done in the past, he created enforcers in the form of four special Pokemon: Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion and Keldeo, who had the freedom to exterminate those that took his gifts for granted. Yet these Legendary Pokemon also had pure hearts, guarding human justice when necessary, and so were soon accepted as part of Earth’s order without complaint.

Grateful for his help, the humans grew to worship Regigigas on a level surpassed only by Arceus himself. Temples were raised in his honor, the largest of which became known as the Snowpoint Temple, and lavish festivals were held to celebrate Regigigas’ power. Perhaps most strangely, decorative golems were constructed bearing Regigigas’ likeness, which were named Regirock, Registeel and Regice. Regigigas, humbled by these offerings, even requested Arceus’ permission to imbue three of these Pokemon with fragments of his own immense strength. Sure enough, overnight, the golems stood and began to live. But little did Regigigas know, these effigies would soon prove his downfall.

The golems, although helpful and peaceful towards humans, did not know emotion or logic. They saw no problem with destroying an entire summer’s harvest to defeat a single enemy, or burning entire villages to the ground to catch a lone criminal. Soon, the people of Earth grew bitter towards Regigigas, blaming him for the destruction, and huge mobs were assembled to put an end to the three golems. A bloody struggle ensued, but the humans succeeded in sealing the golems within three hidden chambers, albeit at a great cost to themselves. Blaming himself for the tragedy, Regigigas then sealed himself within the Snowpoint Temple, descending into a deep slumber, never to emerge.


Centuries passed, and Arceus continued to keep watch over both humans and Pokemon. It was true that in some aspects, humanity had disappointed him. His musketeers had fled, too disgusted by the acts of evil humans to continue their duties. Worse still, Volcanion and Heatran had seen their gifts turned to instruments of war: cannons, shields and swords, and had retreated deep into the mountains, not wishing to grant mankind any additional strength.

And yet, humanity never failed to surprise him. After all, each human, however tiny, meek or pathetic, contained within themselves a minute fraction of Arceus’ power. This was his legacy, a place for the fires of creation to burn now that Arceus had expended the vast majority of his near-limitless power.

Arceus watched as the populations of lands known as Johto and Alola worshipped the sun and the moon, and smiled as that love flowered in the form of powerful embodiments of Palkia’s work. The inhabitants of Alola named their guardians Solgaleo and Lunala, whilst Johto dubbed theirs Lugia and Ho-Oh.

Lugia Ho-Oh

After so long, it did not matter to Arceus that such feats were now beyond his doing, he was simply grateful to see that the fruits of his labour were still capable of such glorious creation. He smiled once more when he witnessed these guardians create their own children; the skies alive with the fervour of legendary birds of fire, ice and thunder, or the ground shaking from the footsteps of their earthbound counterparts.

Arceus contented himself with the role of a spectator, watching the days pass from the seclusion of his Hall of Origin, a resting place he had constructed for himself, far from the influence of others.

He did not shed tears when a land named Unova erupted into a violent and bitter war, as his first children had done so very long ago. He merely watched as this conflict gave birth to a great dragon, which soon diverged into three beasts of great power: Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem, each helping to shape the world in their own unique way.

The earth shook with intensity as the twin forces of life and death gave birth to their physical embodiments: Xerneas, a creature of life, and Yveital, a creature of death, with a third: Zygarde to keep balance between the two, just as Arceus had done in the beginning. No stone was left unturned as the species that Arceus had nurtured so carefully paid him back in full.

Xerenas Yveital Zygarde

Soon enough, mankind even learned to create Pokemon through their science and technology, using the same ingenuity that had initially won Arceus over to create beasts by the names of Mewtwo, Genesect and Magearna. The qualities that Arceus had admired so greatly had indeed endured.

Earth, Arceus soon realised, had barely begun its journey. The magic and wonder that Arceus had once embodied was not gone, it had grown throughout the eons, evident in the teeming life, the wondrous legends and the staggering beauty that shone from every pore of his planet. Humanity, he was sure, would continue to grow and continue to innovate, both alongside and with the help of his Pokemon. Truly, his work was done.

At long last, Arceus slept, finally content with his creation.

This is the story of the Pokemon World. Now all that is left to add is yours.