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With the recent leak of Pokemon Go’s next event being the Easter Eggstravaganza, we created a simple and easy-to-use guide on how to maximize the benefits of this event, with special focus on Stardust gain. If you’re unfamiliar with the entire event, you can read more here. Here’s the event summary:

  • Several new shiny Pokemon are expected to be available in Eggstravganza eggs (see table below)
  • Lasts for 12 days, starting March 22 through April 2 2018.
  • Double Stardust throughout the event, more Candy from Egg Hatches and new boxes in the shop featuring Super Incubators.
  • 2 KM Eggs can hatch a wider variety of Pokemon (from the 5KM and 10KM egg pool.)
Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Event Details
Name Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Event
Description The Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Returns for More Hatching Excitement!
Start date March 22 1:00 P.M. PDT
End date April 2 1:00 P.M. PDT

  • Special 2KM event eggs that include Pokemon that are normally in 5KM or 10KM eggs. The description mentions Wynaut and Ralts Specifically.
  • PokéStops only drop 2KM eggs
  • Special event box sale featuring Super Incubators and Star pieces.
  • Double Stardust through-out the event
  • Bonus Candy from hatched Pokemon.

Eggstravaganza new shiny Pokemon

The following shiny Pokemon were added and found in the network traffic prior to the event. We are strongly expecting them to be available as event hatches and later on in the wild (where applicable).

New Eggstravaganza Shiny Pokémon Sprites
Normal Shiny
Regular Shiny
Male Wobbuffet
Regular male Shiny male
Female Wobbuffet
Regular female Shiny female

Understanding Stardust gains during the Eggstravaganza

During the Eggstravaganza, every action that yields stardust will yield double.

Furthermore, any additional stardust gain buffs stack with this one, meaning you will gain three (3) times the normal amount of Stardust with a Star Piece active during the Eggstravaganza event. 

With that in mind, we can interpolate the best strategy for gaining maximum stardust during the event.

Get the most Stardust from your existing eggs

  • Stock up on Incubators, make sure you have 9 Eggs in incubators before the event.
  • Walk until majority of your Eggs are close to hatch
  • Stop and wait for the event to start (01:00 P.M PDT March 22)
  • Activate a Star Piece
  • Walk abit further and hatch your existing eggs and benefit from 3 x Stardust and a clear inventory to grab as many “Special 2KM” eggs as possible.

After the Eggstravaganza starts

  • Acquire Star Pieces and keep them activated whenever an egg is close to hatching.
  • Walk and Catch. The event states “double Stardust through-out the event” Which means bonus stardust for catching as well as hatching.
  • Rinse and repeat, buy new Incubators in the process (if you have the funds.)
  • Don’t forget to feed your team-mates Pokemon in gyms for boosted stardust (easiest one to forget about!)

The following table illustrates the Stardust gains during the event:

Action Normal Event Event + Star Piece
2KM Hatch 400-800 800-1600 1200-2400
(Existing) 5KM Hatch 800-1600 1600-3200 2400-3200
(Existing) 10KM Hatch 1600-3200 3200-6400 4800-9600
Feed Gym Pokemon 20 40 60
7-Day Catch Streak 3000 6000 9000
Catch Pokemon (Base Evolution) 100 200 300
Catch Pokemon (1st Evolution) 300 600 900
Catch Pokemon (2nd Evolution) 500 1000 1500
Regular Daily Catch Bonus 600 1200 1800

Interestingly, this chart implies that all methods of gaining Stardust during the event are viable but clearly Hatching 9 Existing 10KM eggs with a Star Piece once the event starts will yield a huge amount of dust. You will want to hold on to your existing Eggs and bring them as close to hatching as possible.

Eggstravaganza 2018 info graphic created by CoupleOfGaming

Eggstravaganza + Community Day

This event will cross-over with the Bulbasaur Community Day on March 25th. This means that in addition to double (or 3x with a star piece) Stardust, you will receive 3X catch XP for Bulbasaur (or 6x with a lucky egg.)

Parting Thoughts

This will be a great opportunity to stock up on both Stardust and Candy from rarer Pokemon. It will also be interesting to see the event taking place alongside the Community Day. We advise that you purchase some Star Pieces and prepare yourselves Trainers. Good luck.

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