Pokémon GO Fest 2018 – Visitor/Participant Guide – Travel, parking, safety, food, etc.

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As we are closing in on the biggest event in Pokémon GO, GO Fest Chicago, DTC (The biggest Discord Community in Chicago, all the info about them at the end of the article) decided to create a very helpful guide for all visitors and participants attending Pokémon GO Fest on July 14-15, 2018.

Whether it’s about safety concerns, parking, travel arrangements, public transportation, or the venue itself: Lincoln Park – Chicago; DTC provides you with all the necessary information in order to have a trip free of stress and filled with joyful memories (cheesy, I know).

DTC has created both a written and a visual guide.

We strongly recommend to any participant to check out both guides!

The Written Guide can be found here contains the most information:

  • safety concerns;
  • where to find your entrance;
  • parking;
  • food, restaurants, coffee, etc.;
  • travel arrangements;
  • public transportation;
  • best Pokémon GO spots;
  • Lincoln Park;
  • etc.

But if you wish to have a visual idea of what Lincoln Park looks like, know where to take the best AR shots, or where to take a break and rest in the shade; then the Visual Guide below is for you.

The Pokémon GO Hub also has a short guide right here, but DTC’s guides are much more helpful for people who will be participating on-site.

Invitation from DTC

Will you be attending Pokémon Go Fest this year? Are you looking to have some fun in the evening? Well, DTC has something for you! DTC will also be hosting an afterparty on July 14th and everyone is invited (we asked them to confirm, and they confirmed, so… Go crazy!) Click here for all the information!

About DTC

DTC is a premier Pokémon GO community located in Chicago, IL and the northern suburbs with over 3,000 members. Originally an acronym for Downtown Chicago, DTC has grown to encompass a much wider locale spanning from Woodlawn all the way to Wheeling. Today, they like to think of DTC as a fluid name that represents each and every one of them – whether you’re the Dedicated, Dauntless or Dapper Trainers of Chicagoland, DTC is your home.

For all the information about DTC, check out their website! Join their Discord!

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