Normal Types in Pokémon GO: Present and Future

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With a total 116 Pokémon, the Normal type has the second highest pool of Pokémon among all types. In terms of moves, this type lists the biggest pool with 180! While some of these moves deal no damage (in the main series games), the floor formula (more information about this here) prevents it from happening in Pokémon GO.

Unfortunately, as you will see, the Normal type doesn’t provide us with many interesting options compared to other types. Although the best pure Normal type Pokémon has not yet been introduced, the fact remains that this type’s noticeable role in Pokémon GO  currently (and is unlikely to change) as Gym Defenders, but more to that effect later. Below is a list of all (mention-worthy, in our opinion) Normal type Pokémon already released in the game, and those to keep an eye out for in the next few years.

Pokémon ATK DEF STA Max CP Type Gen.
Snorlax 192 190 320 3355 Normal 1
Blissey 129 229 510 3219 Normal 2
Slaking 290 183 273 4548 Normal 3
Porygon-Z 264 153 170 3076 Normal 4
Regigigas 315 231 220 4955 Normal 4
Meloetta 250 250 200 3950 Normal Psychic 5
Mega Evolutions
Mega-Lopunny N/A N/A N/A N/A Normal Fighting 6
Arceus 262 262 240 4598 Normal 4
Special Mentions
Ditto 91 91 96 718 Normal 1
Eevee 104 121 110 969 Normal 1


Truth be told, the Normal type doesn’t have much battling potential,except as gym defenders, as you will see below (in Normal Types in the Meta), so our discussion will remain rather brief.

Special Mentions
Ditto‘s current role in the game is rather limited, but we certainly hope for breeding at some point and that’s where Ditto will shine. For more information about Ditto, see its guide here. As for Eevee, his role is still rather important. Although most eeveelutions have now been surpassed by other Pokémon (Vaporeon: Gyarados or Kyogre, Jolteon: Zapdos or Raikou, Flareon: Moltres or Entei, etc.). The fact remains that eevelutions are still, and will remain for a while, great Meta counters.

Regigigas is among the few pure Normal type Legendary Pokémon (the other two being in Gen VII) in the game. Although it is likely to have incredible stats, should the gym system remain the same when Regigigas is released, its role is very likely going to be limited to Gym Defender due to its type. As you will see below, Normal type is not Super Effective against any type of Pokémon, but it is only weak to Fighting type.

With the current state of release of mythical Pokémon, it is possible that we will not see Arceus with the release of Gen IV. Nonetheless, Arceus will be the god of Normal type Pokémon. With incredible stats overall, it might pan out to be a useful Pokémon. Why might? Because of its Normal typing which renders it less useful than other types.

Move predictions

As stated earlier, the Normal type has an immense pool of moves, so speculations on potential moves for specific Pokémon are to be done carefully. Our table below contains moves that were obtainable in the main series games through evolution or the use of TMs. Although it is disappointing (yet understandable provided its high HP) that Chansey/Blissey’s signature moveset Soft-Boiled (doesn’t do damage, but regenerates 50% of the user’s HP) has not yet been introduced in the game; we certainly are hopeful that moves like this one will eventually be introduced in the game.

Pokémon Possible Fast Move Possible Charge Move
Porygon-Z Tacke Normal Conversion* (?) Normal, Conversion 2 (Signature Move) (?) Normal, Psybeam Psychic, Hyper Beam Normal
Regigigas Zen Headbutt Psychic Crush Grip* (?) Normal
Meloetta Confusion Psychic, Quick Attack Normal Relic Song* (?) Normal, Psybeam Psychic
Arceus Seismic Toss (?) Fighting Judgement* (?) Normal, Hyper Beam Normal, Future Sight Psychic

* : Signature Move
(?) : Not yet in the game

Normal Types in the Meta

Sadly, the Normal type’s role in the Meta is very limited to a handful of Pokémon due to the fact that very few Pokémon in this type have decent ATK stats. However, four of them, Chansey, Snorlax, Blissey, and Slaking, play a very important role in the Meta, which is as Gym Defenders. Why do they perform so well in this role? Simply due to the fact that their Stamina (STA) stat is their strongest stat (among the strongest in the game); and that the way the gym system is set-up at the moment, the more DEF and HP a Pokémon has, the longer it takes to take it down and, ultimately, the more likely one is to run out of time or will before being able to take it down.

Furthermore, Normal type Pokémon, with Normal moves, are not SE against any type and are weak to only one type: Fighting.

In other words, the fact that it often has STA as its dominant stat and that it is weak to only one type highlights even more the fact that Normal type Pokémon are dominant (in the Meta) in the role of Gym Defenders.

The Normal type is boosted in Partly Cloudy weather, so when the in-game weather turns to Partly Cloudy, one can expect to see more Partly Cloudy types wild spawns, along with boosted IVs and CPs. In addition, their Normal type attacks will do more damage in raids and gym battles.

History and Trivia

While some of these moves deal no damage (in the main series games), the floor formula (more information about this here) prevents this from happening in Pokémon GO.

Some interesting piece of trivia about Normal type, if you had not yet noticed, most of them tend to be based on animals from the real world. To a lot of people, Pokémon from this type are among the cutest, sweetest, funniest, and most lovable in the game.

Although Normal type Pokémon do not have much battling potential in Pokémon GO, except for defending gyms, we certainly look forward to the upcoming Generations. Normal type Pokémon are often fun Pokémon to have, especially since they are easily comparable to animals that we can relate to.

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