Pokémon GO Referral System Rewards

Pokémon GO Referral Program – Invite your friends to enjoy Pokémon GO and earn rewards together!

A list o rewards for both Trainers participating in the Pokémon GO Referral System. Credits for the rewards information belong to ZoeTwoDots, an Australian Pokémon GO Youtuber.


Referral system rewards for both Trainers

The referrer can claim rewards only if they have added the referred Trainer to their Friend List. Trainers can be referred only if they haven’t played Pokémon GO before or haven’t played Pokémon GO in the past 90 days.

Pokémon GO Referral Code System rewards
Pokémon GO Referral Code System rewards

Task Referrer Referred
Hatch 3 Eggs Farfetch'd (Galarian) 1x Rare Candy
Win a Raid Bagon 1x Raid Pass
Catch 50 Pokémon Darumaka 1x Super Incubator
Defeat 3 TGR Grunts Charizard Charizard
Hatch 20 Eggs Deino Chansey
Give Buddy 50 Treats Gible 5x Rare Candy
Defeat a TGR Leader 50x Mega Energy 50x Mega Energy
Win 3 Raids 1x Raid Pass Lapras
Catch 1000 Pokémon 3x Incense 3x Raid Pass
Trade 5 Pokémon 10x Pidgey sticker 10x Pidgey sticker
Make 2 new Friends 10x Pikachu sticker 10x Pikachu sticker
Win 20 Raids 5x Super Incubator 3x Super Incubator
Make 100 Nice Throws 2x Super Incubator Snorlax
Earn 50 Candies walking with Buddy 30x Rare Candy 5x Raid Pass
Visit PokéStop 30 days in a Row Unknown encounter Unknown encounter

All of these tasks need to be completed by the referred Trainer in order to count as completed. Most tasks have been designed to pull in and keep the referred Trainer playing for a while – at least a month judging by the quest requirements.

Be sure to add the referred player as a Friend in Pokémon GO to be able to claim rewards. You have to have space in your Friends List to add the referred Trainer. Luckily, Niantic has started expanding the Friends List size recently.

Rewards can be claimed in the Milestone rewards of your profile.