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Pokemon GO Silver Pinap Berry is a new berry item introduced with the Celebi Quest line. Silver Pinap Berry has roughly the combined effects of a Pinap Berry and a Razz Berry: 2.33x candy and a 1.8x increase in catch rate. This page details Silver Pinap Berry stats, catch rate bonus and other relevant tidbits of information.

Silver Pinap Berry can be unlocked by completing the step 6 of the Celebi quest line and can be acquired as a reward from the Catch 5 Fire type Pokemon September field research quest (rewards 1 Silver Pinap).

Silver Pinap Berry stats

Using a Silver Pinap Berry will provide you with two effects while catching a Pokemon:

  • doubles candy reward (actually 2.3x)
  • increases single throw capture chance (1.8x)

The following table compares Silver Pinap with other berry types that offer similar effects (Pinap, Razz and Golden Razz). Do note that all these effects are applied during the capture encounter and / or gym feeding scenarios. For brevity, Golden Razz Berry’s “restore full motivation” effect is omitted from the comparison table.

Berry type Silver Pinap Golden Razz Pinap Razz
Silver Pinap Berry Golden Razz Berry Pinap Berry Razz Berry
Candy bonus 2.3x 2x
Catch rate bonus 1.8x 2.5x 1.5x
Berry multiplier 2.3 1 1 1
Remote berry multiplier 0.5 1 0.25 0.25
Unlocked at level 20 10 18 8

Stat source

All of the stats outlined in this article (Silver Pinap included) have been extracted from the Game Master file on August 24th 2018. Raw source (Silver Pinap is actually called Golden Pinap in the code base):

item_templates {
  template_id: "ITEM_GOLDEN_PINAP_BERRY"
  item_settings {
    item_type: ITEM_TYPE_FOOD
    category: ITEM_CATEGORY_FOOD
    drop_trainer_level: 20
    food {
      item_effect: ITEM_EFFECT_CANDY_AWARD
      item_effect_percent: 2.333333
      item_effect_percent: 1.8
      growth_percent: 0.1
      berry_multiplier: 2
      remote_berry_multiplier: 0.5

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