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Trainers! May is heating up with the start of Torchic Community Day! Below is our ever so handy CD Guide to get you the most out of this fiery day with event times, recommended items, exclusive moves, visuals and more!

Torchic Community Day Times

Following Bagon CD, this event will have the same time pattern of happening from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm in your local timezone on May 19th, 2019. Start and end times are not based on any specific time zone, I repeat, 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm your LOCAL time.

Event Bonuses:

  • 3-hour Lure Modules
    • Do not set your lure until you see your first Torchic appear after 3 pm; otherwise, it will not last the entire 3 hours!
      **SEE more details below about the new, Special Lures (Glacial, Magnetic, Mossy) and their use during Community Day.**
  • 3x Catch Stardust 
    • Gaining triple Stardust is a HUGE incentive to go out and catch them all! Be sure to have your Star Pieces running and your bag fully stocked! If you see any evolved forms of Pokémon, catch them too!
3x Stardust Chart for May Community Day
Base Stardust Earned Community Day Bonus x3 +Star Piece Bonus +Weather Bonus
Base Stage Evolution 100 300 450 562
2nd Stage Evolution 300 900 1350 1687
3rd Stage Evolution 500 1500 2250 2812
Here is an infographic overview of the event:torchic community day
Firechic…I mean, Torchic, is only boosted by Sunny weather, so lucky for most, it’s already blazing hot outside and boosted hot wings may be in your future.

Blaziken’s Exclusive Move: Blast Burn w/ a side of TM’d Blaze Kick

If you evolve Torchic all the way to Blaziken between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm, it will learn the exclusive move Blast Burn. However, starting on Community Day, and anytime thereafter, you will be able to TM Blaziken’s signature charge move Blaze Kick.

It’s a no brainer that you will want to hold on to Blast Burn since the recent nerfing of Blaze Kick. May it R.I.P. However, the option is still there to add Blaze Kick, via TMs after Community Day, if you wish.

Make sure you do not have any connection or GPS issues while evolving, or else it might not get the move! Blast Burn fires up Blaziken in the standings of one of the best, if not the best depending on who you ask, Fire-type attackers along with Moltres and others… Be on the lookout for a full meta-analysis from GO Hub’s Meta-Master himself, Kratos, to be published REAL soon!

Item Recommendations for Torchic Community Day

Below is a checklist of items to have on hand before that three-hour grind:

  • Poké Balls: Though they raise the catch rate on Community Day, and its little attack sequence is the cutest thing around, these Pokémon can still be feisty when it comes to getting them into the ball. Depending on how many spawns you usually find yourself with, you will need more than 100 Poké Balls and, if possible, that many Ultra Balls. Always Ultra Ball a shiny, they can run!
  • Star Pieces: STARDUST, STARDUST, STARDUST! With this month’s bonus being 3x Catch Stardust, load up on your Star Pieces and keep them running the entire three-hours if you can. Nothing is more precious than that glittery powder these days and events seem to be one of the best ways to collect it!
  • Berries: Razz, Pinap, and Golden Razz Berries are the essential berries to bring with you to these events. Razzes can help you grab the higher level, non-shiny, stubborn Torchic that do not want to be caught, while Pinaps help you maximize your candy gain from this event. Golden Razz should be used for shiny since you do not want them to get away! Because they should be shiny exclusive, you shouldn’t need to stock up on more than 20 (if you get lucky), though many of us have way too many from raids.

Other items

  • Lucky Eggs: Whether you are trying to hit lvl 40, double it, or even TRIPLE it, having a Lucky Egg running, if you have extra can’t hurt. However, if you are running low, you may wish to save it for the next XP event.
  • Incense: To help you get more spawns and additional chances at shiny.
  • Lures: They last 3 hours, use them!
  • SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT LURES: A Niantic Representative has confirmed that the new Special Lures (Glacial, Magnetic, and Mossy) will last three hours if set during Community Day. However, we do want to note…although setting these exciting new lures for a longer lasting time would be helpful to you and your Community Day Attendees, we recommend you don’t choose PokéStops that don’t get the most action during your CD hours. These lures will affect your Torchic spawns.

Community Day Box

Item Quantity
Ultra Balls 30
Lucky Eggs 3
Super Incubator 2
Star Pieces 4
Analysis Special
Total Worth 789
Coins Saved Per Box 309
% Saved 39.16%
I would definitely consider this box a step up from its predecessor, Bagon Day Box. Several of the same items can be found in this CD box but what I consider to be the upgrade is the addition of four Star Pieces versus the lone Lure Module you got last month. If you are on a budget, go for it! If you are able to splurge, I’d hit up one of the Extraordinary Raid Week Boxes, and you can find their analysis here.

Torchic Search Strings

Here is the search string you will want to copy and paste into the search bar when looking for possible 100% Torchic!


You can also use our search string generator to make a string of your own or change ‘cp’ to whatever it needs to be for your country’s language.

  • Level 30 Torchic CP Range
    • 734 – 937
  • Level 35 (weather boosted) Torchic CP Range
    • 812 – 1015

Shiny Torchic Family

The shiny Torchic family is one of those shiny family that may make you look twice, so be on the lookout for that little shiny symbol. Although the colors of Torchic itself are reversed, it still looks like what this Trainer would consider “normal” for a baby chicken. Combusken and Blaziken take on a richer hue of red-orange in their shiny forms compared to their normal forms.

To help with identification, below are our comparison tables. Normal on the left and shiny on the right.

Regular Shiny
Bagon Community Day: Salamence Torchic Community Day: Shiny Blaziken

General Torchic Community Day Tips and Tricks

  • DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. It’s May; things are getting either getting very hot or very cold in the regions of the world! Take sunscreen and water, wear protective clothing, and plan accordingly for your event, spending some time indoors if you can or need to.
  • If you want the event quests, do not complete quests from any PokéStop before the event. Vice Versa, if you hear a stop has a quest you want (cough, Spinda), then do not complete the event quest during event hours, it will not give you a quest after the event.
  • Clear your box space and make sure you have the items you need. The worst thing in the world is that ‘You Pokémon Box is Full’ message amid a lure party of event Pokémon. Depending on how many spawns you usually see, you may need to clear up a lot of space in your bag to hold all these little dragons.
  • Be patient about errors and set lures after the event has started. There will always be errors. Taking server load off with the staggered time helps with these errors but does not make them impossible to get.
  • Catch shinies BEFORE 6 pm!!! If you get a shiny at 5:59, throw a ball as fast as you can, because if you catch it after 6, it will no longer be shiny.
  • Make use of your items, and time yourself to reapply them every half hour, you want to get the most out of those bonuses!
  • Most of all, have some fun. Hang out with friends. Trade when the event is over. Eat some good food. (May I recommend the hot chicken?) The opportunities are endless!

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