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Zangoose is a three star raid boss in Pokémon GO. The best counters for Zangoose are strong Fighting types. It is a Normal type Pokémon and has a raid boss CP of 16765. It can be caught with the following perfect CPs:

  • 1310 – 1381 CP (raid catch with no weather boost, level 20)
  • 1638 – 1727 CP (raid catch with Partly Cloudy weather boost, level 25)

Zangoose can be soloed by a high level trainer with strong counters, but if you are just starting out and have no high level Fighting-types, we would recommend inviting 1-2 more friends to help you.

Zangoose Counters

Zangoose is only weak to Fighting types. The table below shows the best Zangoose counters:

Zangoose Counters
The supreme Zangoose Raid Counters
Machamp (Shadow) Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
Lucario Counter Fighting Aura Sphere Fighting
Conkeldurr Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
Great Zangoose raid counters
Machamp Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
Breloom Counter Fighting Dynamic PunchFighting
Lopunny (Mega) Low Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting
Hariyama Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
Heracross Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting
Sirfetch'd Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting
Toxicroak Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting
Sawk Low Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting
Great generalist counters
Mewtwo Confusion Psychic Psystrike* Psychic
Charizard (Mega Y) Fire Spin Ghost Blast Burn* Ghost
You see the usual counters to Normal-types like Machamp and Conkeldurr, but if you are using Lucario or Mega Lopunny, be wary of Close Combat since both are weak to Fighting-type moves. Lucario is also weak to Dig, but Lucario shines against Night Slash.

A surprisingly good pick is Heracross. With its added Bug typing, it will resist almost all moves except Shadow Claw, which is very helpful given Heracross’ very low bulk.

Zangoose Movesets

Zangoose movepool is all over the place, but you have to be careful of its coverage. If battling against [Close Combat], make sure to dodge when you are using Mega Lopunny to boost the Fighting-moves of other raiders.

Fast move Charge move
  • Shadow Claw Ghost
  • Fury Cutter Bug
  • Dig Ground
  • Close Combat Fighting
  • Night Slash Dark


If you are not using Lopunny or Lucario, your usual Fighting-type team consisting of either Conkeldurr or Machamp shall be great. If you’ve reached around Level 30 for these Pokémon, it would be an easy solo even without dodging.

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