Jynx Future Meta Discussion, aka Fall of the Ice Queen

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Jynx has proven rather useful in recent raids, allowing trainers with high level Jynx and Dragonites to duo the mighty legendary Rayquaza. It is currently the strongest Ice attacker in the game, and despite ice’s limited use in raids, it was a good investment for any dragon slayer at the time. In the face of new competition in new generations however, will this Pokémon keep its cool with the newcomers, or will it melt from the intensity of new competitors?

The Future Looks Cold…

Simply put, when Generation IV is introduced, it will smash Jynx to pieces. There are plenty of Meta-defining Pokémon that are introduced that can all in their own way be thought of as direct upgrades. All of these Pokémon have the capacity to learn all available fast and charged Ice moves currently in the game, and all have stats that are even with, or exceed Jynx’s own stats.

Ice Type Contenders
Pokémon Max CP Potential Fast Moves Potential Charge Moves
Mamoswine Ice Ground 3289
  • Powder Snow Ice
  • Ice Shard Ice
  • Mud-Slap Ground
  • Avalanche Ice
  • Earthquake Ground
  • Stone Edge Rock
  • Blizzard Ice
  • Bulldoze Ground
Weavile Dark Ice 2815
  • Snarl Dark
  • Bite Dark
  • Ice Shard Ice
  • Ice Beam Ice
  • Blizzard Ice
  • Dark Pulse Dark
  • Night Slash Dark
Glaceon Ice 2866
  • Ice Shard Ice
  • Frost Breath Ice
  • Blizzard Ice
  • Ice Beam Ice
  • Icy Wind Ice
Jynx 2512
  • Confusion Psychic
  • Frost Breath Ice
  • Avalanche Ice
  • Psyshock Psychic
  • Draining Kiss Fairy

Analysis: Was it/ Will it be worth the dust?

As can be see, in comparison to Jynx’s stats, as well as a theoretical mockup of potential movesets each Pokémon might be able to learn based on what they can learn in the main games, all of these Pokémon have the potential to break apart this Ice Queen. Mamoswine is the top contender, with its incredible stamina, much higher attack, as well as potentially access to one of the best ice type combos, Ice Shard and Avalanche, second only to Frost Breath Avalanche.

While the others may also be lacking in moves in comparison to Mamoswine and Jynx, they have higher stats, so their ability to stay alive will be much greater than Jynx, and with higher attack stats for all of them, their damage output should theoretically be much higher.

Jynx is still a viable Pokémon, and will be for any dragons that come back out, but once Generation 4 hits, there will be plenty of easily accessible alternatives that will freeze her in place as a lower tier attacker.

Ice puns are almost mandatory in my book on these matters… 

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