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Shiny Pokemon are a highly coveted prize in Pokemon Go, but you could be confused as to their place in the current Meta. Whilst most people dismiss shiny Pokemon as simple “trophies,” some of them can be useful in the current Meta or will be of more use in the future. Of course, there are some odd ones out

Which Pokemon are useful in the current Meta?

Although outclassed as a Water type attacker by Kyogre, Gyarados still offers decent attacking abilities as a Dark type attacker against Mewtwo and as a high DPS Water type. Most players have several Gyarados by now, but everyone can identify the blood-red monster.

Good all rounder, especially after the February Community Day madness. A very good Pokemon for general bulk in attacking gyms and, whilst its no longer on top of the offensive tier list, it still packs a punch. After the recent community day featuring Dratini, everyone and their mother should have a few decent IV Dragonites, hopefully a Shiny one also.

Outclassed as a Steel type attacker by Metagross (even Scizor is a better attacker than it currently) and having a double weakness to both Fighting and Ground doesn’t make it an exceptional defender. However, everyone can agree that its red eyes and teal body make it interesting to look at but not very Meta-relevant. Aggron is often suggested by the game’s automatic team builder, and in large raid groups it’s an option.

Upcoming Shiny Pokemon


Please note that the Togepi family is currently (as of yet) unreleased in the game. With the recent discovery of new shiny Pokemon in the game assets in the lead up to the start of the Easter Eggstravaganza event. Togepi has had its shiny form added and with that, Togetic (which will eventually evolve to Togekiss in Gen 4.) We expect Togekiss to be decent Fairy & Flying type with enough bulk and decent attack and defense.

Other uses for Shiny Pokemon

Any Shiny Pokemon with a lower CP (1000 and under) can make good material for gym defending. This is due to the reduced decay rates of Pokemon with lower CP and it certainly gives your teammates something cool to look at! Check our How Defender Decay works: formulas, percentages and tips page for more information.

An ideal Shiny gym defender should have an mix of lower CP and harder-to-counter typing such as Mawile the Steel & Fairy type. This can be caught as a shiny from its tier-2 raid with a CP of around 800 – This makes it perfect as a gym defender if you want to show it off.

Future Shiny Pokemon in The Meta

Those of you who kept your shiny female Snorunt instead of evolving it to Glalie (or that have one female spare) will be happy to know that when Gen 4 is introduced, you could evolve it into Froslass. You wont be too happy to know that it wont be a very Meta relevant shiny however. With a max CP of just over 2000 and over 110 points lower in attack than Articuno, its not going to be at the front of your Dragon attack party.

Overall Verdict?

The current pool of Shiny Pokemon doesn’t have much impact on the Meta right now. Until we see more Shiny forms released, they’re are only two or three Pokemon that can be of use in Gym battles / Legendary raids.

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