Adventure Sync V2 being tested in Australia and NZ

Trainers, it seems that a new version of Adventure Sync (V2) is being tested in Australia and New Zealand. A new Adventure Sync popup and a new “Adventure Sync: Nearby” setting toggle have been observed by players in both regions.

According to the data mining efforts and research done in the past, the new Adventure Sync functionality should notify you if new Pokemon are appearing nearby. Early reports indicate that this only refers to Pokemon that you haven’t caught before – the ones that appear as “shadows” in your Nearby screen.

Unfortunately, players haven’t reported actually receiving any notifications since they’ve enabled this setting, so it’s likely a staged roll out. We’ll keep you updated on the state of this feature, especially with Generation V release coming closer and closer.

If this popup (and setting) appears for you, please let us know, especially if you’re in Europe or Americas. Currently, 0.151.0 is the minimum required version to play the game, hence all of the reports have been from this version.