With the recently datamined backed confirmation that Generation 3 (or a part of it) will be available for this year’s Halloween, we decided to do a quick analysis of the Gen 3 Pokémon species featured in the event’s key art (see it in full resolution here):

As of this writing, there are no hints in the code base that Abilities will be a part of this release, but we will be mentioning them anyway — just in case. We are also excluding Gengar, Caterpie and Murkrow as our readers probably know quite a lot about them at this point.

The Mimikyu hat will get it’s own post on the Hub as soon as Antonio catches up with the last few episodes of Sun and Moon.

General overview

All of the featured Pokémon are ghost types, with mediocre stats and Max CP. Stat wise, we don’t believe that any of the ghostly additions will be useful in the current meta:

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF STA MAX CP
302 Sableye  
ghost dark
141 141 100 1305
353 Shuppet
138 66 88 872
354 Banette
218 127 128 2073
355 Duskull
70 162 40 523
356 Dusclops
124 234 80 1335

Dusclops does evolve in Generation 4 to Dusknoir, which raises it’s Max CP to 2092. None of the featured Pokémon have interesting stats, except from Dusclops massive 234 Defense. Sableye and Banette do have future mega evolutions, but it could be literary years before we see mega evolution in Pokémon GO.

Potential abilities overview

Given how disappointing the stat overview is, surely there is something to look forward to when it comes to Pokémon abilities, right? Well… it’s a mixed bag.

Sableye can have Keen Eye and Stall. Keen eye prevents loss of accuracy and Stall forces the Pokémon to attack last, none of which are very useful in Pokémon GO. Accuracy doesn’t even exist as a concept yet.

Shuppet and Banette have Insomnia and Frisk. Insomnia prevents sleep status effect, while Frisk checks opponents held item. Again, not very useful – GO doesn’t have status effects or held items.

Duskull and Dusclops have Levitate and Pressure. Levitate makes the Pokémon immune to ground attacks, while Pressure increases PP consumption. Now this is interesting, as we can easily imagine how this can be mapped to Pokémon GO! Levitate stays as it is, but Pressure makes the opponents charge moves cost more Energy, in turn resulting in the opponent using less charge moves.

Out of all of these, Levitate and Pressure seem like the ones most likely to be implemented. We’ll have to wait and see, but if Niantic implements abilities such as Frisk, they will surely work differently than their core game equivalent.

Potential moves overview and conclusion

We are quite confident that the following moves will be available in some capacity:

  • Foul Play dark
  • Dark Pulse dark
  • Ominous Wind ghost
  • Shadow Ball ghost

We are not sure if we expect new moves to be added for this event.

As time goes on, we are more and more convinced that the Halloween 2017 event will feature only the aforementioned Gen III ghost Pokémon species, not the entire Gen III. With that in mind, we are not sure should we expect new moves and the introduction of abilities.

In any case, none of the featured Pokémon are going to shake the meta in any significant way.