As the Pokémon GO app initially started as a Google April Fools joke, it’s quite possible that we could be seeing an event tomorrow in honor of the April Fools day.

There have been no confirmations or announcements from Niantic, however, that doesn’t exclude a potential one day event. Niantic hasn’t hyped or announced the Water Festival either and yet it happened to!

After reviewing potential options for an April Fools event, we’ve come up with a short list of ideas that could work, and those that could not.

Some of the things that are possible:

  • more Pokémon transforming into Ditto, we know that Ditto’s animation (“METAMON_FX“) is in the code and it can be applied to almost anything
  • any kind of server side driven change to item drops and GAME_MASTER info is possible (moves, move damage, dps, timings etc)
  • any kind of spawn mechanics change is possible
  • any kind of Shiny spawn changes is possible
  • even Smeargle or Delibird can appear, as the only thing we’re missing for their release are GAME_MASTER moves and spawn points, both can be orchestrated from the servers
  • Articunos popping all over the world, transforming into Ditto is also plausible at this moment – it is April Fools day after all

You get the point, anything that doesn’t require a direct update to your local app client is possible.

What we considered not to possible:

  • a new feature that was not already data mined. With the 0.59.2 apk mine, all currently speculated features have been released
  • new Store bundles and similar releases that require client side resources (images, sprites, etc)

A few parting words: stay safe tomorrow, will you? Surely, a number of online outlets will be releasing clickbait articles and fake news under the “April Fools” cover, so be sure NOT TO BOOK any flights anywhere and manage your hype expectations. There is no Legendary Bird event. There is no MewTwo in Paris.

Use common sense and enjoy the pranks!