Australian PokéCoin Test update: Increased Coin earnings across the board

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Trainers, we have some happy news to report! In early May, Niantic has shared the details about an upcoming PokéCoin test that took place in Australia over the past 5 weeks.

Niantic started the test with pretty aggressive limitations on the amount of coins earned by defending gyms (2 per hour) and by participating in actions related to Today View.

After 5 weeks, the limitations are changing, bringing increased earnings across the board, but mixed with a new limitation on earnings from Gyms.

The new numbers are as follows:

  • The maximum number of PokéCoins earned per day will be 50.
  • The number of PokéCoins earned from defending Gyms will be six per hour.
  • The maximum number of PokéCoins earned per day from defending Gyms will be 30.
  • The number of PokéCoins earned per day from completing the featured activities in the Today View will be 20.

What changed compared to the first version of the test? 

  • Hourly Gym defense earnings are back to normal (6 coin per hour)
  • The daily limit is back to normal (50 per day)
  • The daily limitation for coins earned from defending Gyms is new: you are now capped at 30, down from 50.
  • Interaction with Today View activities is mandatory now, as it rewards the remaining 20 Coins to reach the daily limit (50)

Are these changes good or bad? Well, they are certainly better than the initial limitations introduced with the Australian PokéCoin test, but they do make things more difficult for Gym defenders and far easier for players who do not participate in Gym defense.

If you want to earn 50 Coins per day, you will need to do both Gym defense and Today View activities. If you’re satisfied with 20 Coins per day, you can simply complete Today View activities and be done with it.

Overall, the new system is an interesting idea, but your satisfaction will depend on your Pokémon GO play style. For players that play daily, earning 20 Coins is almost guaranteed.

Active Gym defenders should have no problems with Today View as well, but may experience lower Gym turnover since rewards are reduced compared to the current system.

We’ll see how these changes pan out in Australia, but overall, it’s an improvement over the initial version of the test.

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