Blast Burn revealed in Japan: Charizard’s EX move has two bars and 100 damage

Blast Burn has been revealed in a video posted by GameWith’s member, Yamada, roughly 30 minutes ago from the time of this writing! A huge shoutout to Gamewith for letting us know via Twitter — may your IVs be high and your move sets optimal!

Name Blast Burn
Damage 100 per bar
Bars 2
Type Fire

Blast Burn is following the same pattern established by Venusaur’s Frenzy Plant introduction, and is providing Charizard with a viable two bar Exclusive move. Although its performance is less meta changing than Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn is now a viable two bar alternative to Overheat and Fire Blast.

You can see the move in action here (and in this 10 minute video by Yamada):


Kudos to Niantic for following the core game visuals and animations for Blast Burn.

Damage output speculations

According to our simulations, if Blast Burn has the same duration and damage window as Frenzy Plant, this is how it ranks up against other Charizard movesets:

Fast Move Charge Move Cycle DPS TTFA*
Fire Spin Blast Burn 25.19 5.5s
Fire Spin Overheat 24.00 11s
Air Slash Blast Burn 23.72 6s
Air Slash Overheat 22.50 12s
Fire Spin Fire Blast 22.11 11s
Air Slash Fire Blast 20.74 12s
Fire Spin Dragon Claw 19.78 4.4s
Air Slash Dragon Claw 18.63 4.8s

* TTFA stands for Time To First Activation and shows the minimum required time before you can fire one Charge move bar.

It’s quite good, actually, especially if you consider that it deals a whopping 100 raw DMG for 50 ENG. Although your raid mileage may vary, we’re quite certain that quite a few Charizards will be sporting Blast Burn. Blast Burn is a move that won’t push Charizard to Entei or Moltres heights, but it does make it better than an equivalently powered Flareon: more damage, less risky move set and more damage output due to higher Stamina.

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