Niantic Adds Charmander Research Text & New error messages to game files

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Trainers, Chrales, your friendly neighbourhood network analyst, has discovered new quest text in the network traffic, similar to previous Mareep Field Research leaks. This time, the target is Charmander community day! The code is as follows:

quest_catch_special7_plural Catch {0} Charmander

This will mean that the only field research that can be found during the 3-hour community day event window will be to catch 3 Charmander. We expect to see the same rewards as catching 3 Mareep last month:

  • a mix of Pokeballs,
  • Berries and
  • Stardust.

But wait! Theres more!

That’s not all Chrales discovered, he also mentions the following new error codes were discovered which hint at a new version this week:

Code Text
err_incense_already_active You’re already using Incense.
err_incense_no_items No Incense in inventory.
err_lucky_egg_no_items No Lucky Egg in inventory.
err_lucky_egg_cannot_use Lucky Egg couldn’t be used at this time.
err_tm_cannot_use The TM couldn’t be used at this time.
err_berry_cannot_feed Cannot feed a berry at this time.
err_pokemon_could_not_evolve The Pokémon couldn’t evolve.
err_pokemon_could_not_be_found The Pokémon couldn’t be found.
err_item_cannot_use The item couldn’t be used at this time.
err_pokemon_already_encountered This Pokémon has already been encountered.
err_cannot_change_buddy Couldn’t change buddy at this time.
err_gym_battle_completed The Gym battle has already been completed!
err_gym_battle_ended The Gym battle has ended!
err_fetch_raid_details Cannot fetch Raid details
err_cannot_join_raid_group Cannot Join Raid Group.
err_leave_raid_lobby Cannot Leave Raid Lobby.
err_avatar_incorrect Avatar incorrect.
err_raid_unavailable This Raid is no longer available.
err_raid_lobby_not_found That Raid lobby doesn’t exist!
err_gym_deploy Your Pokémon couldn’t be deployed.

We think that these new error messages are small quality of life improvements that help towards syncing issues, especially with such errors as “No Incense in inventory.” or “No Lucky Egg in inventory.” Tell us your thoughts Trainers — are you looking forward to the Charmander Community Day?

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