Adventure Week event is coming back this month — May 2018!


The official Pokémon GO newsletter hints that an Adventure Week event is happening later this month! Last year’s Adventure Week effects included a special Explorer’s Hat, increased Rock type spawns, increased Pokéstop drops and reduced buddy distances, but it remains to be seen what this years effects will include.

A redditor named Biansci shared the Italian newsletter version roughly an hour ago, and as of the time of this publication, it is the only regional newsletter that has been sent out so far. We are expecting more regions to get their own newsletters in the next few hours. The Italian version contains the following section (translation below, see full e-mail here — shoutout to Biansci for forwarding us his newsletter):

Extraordinary news!

Prepare yourself for adventure weekend.

One of our most famous events from last year, Adventure Week, is coming back this month. Prepare yourselves for new bonuses and special activities to enter in the adventurous spirit. Also, don’t forget to read the news of this month to see which events are planned. You never know what to expect….

Given the recent discovery of Smack Down (Rock type fast move) in the 0.101.1 APK, we are expecting that the move will be introduced during the event. Given the recent trends, we are expecting the following:

  • one or two new shiny Rock type families, most likely from Generation I
  • special Rock themed bosses during the event
  • special quests during the event
  • possibly a new in-game clothing items
  • an in-game sale with Pokéballs and Incense

We’ll update our Adventure Week guide once more info becomes available. A huge shoutout goes to Joe Nanoteck for providing a full screenshot of the newsletter in question:

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