Datamining Report: New Adventure Recap, Test your Mettle event and Goyang Safari Zone, and more found in network traffic

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Hello Trainers! A bunch of new texts have been pushed to the game, including a new daily adventure recap, new quests for the Test your Mettle event, Goyang Safari Zone Special Research, and more!

Please read through all of this with a grain of salt – we often post data mining reports which end up taking months to release, and we don’t want our readers to be disappointed. Be smart, read this like speculation and be happy once it goes live.

💡 Disclaimer: You know the drill by now, everything in this article is data mined, and therefore subject to change or not even being released at all. All of this information is publicly provided by the PokéMiners and includes some of my commentaries.

Test Your Mettle

New Quests

RESOURCE ID: quest_power_up_plural_steel
TEXT: Power up {0} Steel-type Pokémon

RESOURCE ID: quest_snapshot_storage_steel_unique_plural
TEXT: Take snapshots of {0} different Steel-type Pokémon that you caught

RESOURCE ID: quest_snapshot_wild_steel_unique_plural
TEXT: Take snapshots of {0} different wild Steel-type Pokémon

Three new field research tasks for the Test your Mettle event that’s coming.

Catch Challenge

RESOURCE ID: test_your_mettle_event_name
TEXT: Test Your Mettle

RESOURCE ID: test_your_mettle_catch_challenge
TEXT: Test Your Mettle: Catch Challenge

RESOURCE ID: test_your_mettle_catch_challenge_page_1
TEXT: Test Your Mettle: Catch Challenge (1/2)

RESOURCE ID: test_your_mettle_catch_challenge_page_2
TEXT: Test Your Mettle: Catch Challenge (2/2)

There is apparently a 2 part Catch Challenge for the event

New Adventure Recap

RESOURCE ID: adventure_recap_subtitle
TEXT: Today’s Adventure

RESOURCE ID: adventure_recap_text_0
TEXT: You traveled {0} km!

RESOURCE ID: adventure_recap_text_1
TEXT: You caught {0} Pokémon!

RESOURCE ID: adventure_recap_text_2
TEXT: You visited {0} PokéStops!

RESOURCE ID: adventure_recap_title
TEXT: Adventure Recap

RESOURCE ID: catch_recap_text_0
TEXT: You caught {0} Pokémon

A new adventure recap is coming, it looks to me like it might be a daily recap? Or perhaps it will “detect” when you go for a walk and recap that when you’re done? A daily recap would be nice, but “Today’s adventure” would be weird wording for something you’d technically get the next day…

Moar Notifications

RESOURCE ID: bgmode_no_eggs_incubating_notification_toast
TEXT: No eggs hatching!

RESOURCE ID: bgmode_open_gym_spot_notification_toast
TEXT: Nearby gym %s has an open spot for your Pokémon!

RESOURCE ID: bgmode_uncaught_distance_notification_toast
TEXT: Spotted a new Pokémon %1$s meters away near %2$s

RESOURCE ID: weekly_reminder_km_notification_toast
TEXT: You’ve walked %s km this week and are so close to reaching your goal! Keep walking!

I swear they already have a notification for no eggs hatching, but apparently, they want to put eggs on toast now? Also the nearby gym notification thing is neat.

Stickers Version 2.0

RESOURCE ID: stickers_v2_collect_from
TEXT: You can get these stickers from Gifts, the shop, or PokéStops.

RESOURCE ID: stickers_v2_misc_category
TEXT: Misc.

RESOURCE ID: stickers_v2_no_recent
TEXT: Add a sticker to a Gift to start seeing your recently used stickers.

RESOURCE ID: stickers_v2_no_sticker_of_type
TEXT: You have no stickers of this type.

RESOURCE ID: stickers_v2_no_stickers
TEXT: You do not have any stickers. You can get them from Gifts, the shop, or PokéStops.

RESOURCE ID: stickers_v2_no_stickers_of_category
TEXT: You have no stickers from this category.

RESOURCE ID: themed_stickers_description
TEXT: You’ll also be able to get season-themed stickers by spinning PokéStops, opening Gifts, and purchasing them from the in-game shop.

RESOURCE ID: themed_stickers_name
TEXT: Themed Stickers

Looks like some updates to Stickers v2.0, sticker categories, instructions on where to get stickers, etc

Size Updates

RESOURCE ID: appraise_size_huge_2|1
TEXT: Your {0} is gigantic—the largest I’ve ever seen!

RESOURCE ID: appraise_size_large_2|1
TEXT: Your {0} is rather sizable, that’s for sure!

RESOURCE ID: appraise_size_small_2|1
TEXT: Aww, what a small {0}! It’s rather cute, I’d say.

RESOURCE ID: appraise_size_small_3|1
TEXT: Your {0} is a little small for its kind, don’t you think?

RESOURCE ID: appraise_size_tiny_2|1
TEXT: Your {0} is so tiny, I almost didn’t notice it!

RESOURCE ID: appraise_size_tiny_3|1
TEXT: Wh-whoa. That’s the tiniest {0} I’ve ever seen!

RESOURCE ID: appraise_size_xxl_3|1
Removed TEXT: Your {0} is massive! ...Could it be the biggest {0} in the world?
Added TEXT: Your {0} is massive! Could it be the biggest {0} in the world?

Updates to some of the texts you get from Pokémon appraisals regarding the size of your Pokémon.

Team GO Rocket Texts

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#11__female_speaker
TEXT: This is Team GO Rocket territory now, so beat it!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#11__male_speaker
TEXT: Boss said he’ll claim this area for Team GO Rocket!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#17__female_speaker
TEXT: I won’t let you interfere with Team GO Rocket’s glorious plans. Face me in a Pokémon battle!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#17__male_speaker
TEXT: We’re going to steal all the items and catch all the Pokémon from this area! You want to stop us? Let’s battle!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#2__female_speaker
TEXT: This area belongs to Team GO Rocket!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#2__male_speaker
TEXT: If you aren’t part of Team GO Rocket, then get outta here!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#4__female_speaker
TEXT: You want to get past me? I don’t think so!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#4__male_speaker
TEXT: We won’t let you ruin our plans to take over this area.

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#9__female_speaker
TEXT: There’s nothing here for twerps like you. Scram!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_challenge#9__male_speaker
TEXT: This is Team GO Rocket territory. So what brings you here?

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_greeting#22__male_speaker
TEXT: Don’t mess with Team GO Rocket!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_greeting#8__female_speaker
TEXT: You made a big mistake coming here. Hahaha!

RESOURCE ID: grunt_generic_greeting#8__male_speaker
TEXT: How nice of you to drop by. Heh heh...

The PokéMiners just talked about the Team Go Rocket Balloon texts being unused, and now the team Go Rocket texts have been updated to remove mentions of Pokéstops. Fair enough compromise. Having grunts talk about Pokéstops when they are kilometres away from any actual Pokéstops was weird…

Community Day


+RESOURCE ID: community_day_map_description
+TEXT: Check out our Community Day map to find the best places to spend Community Day!

+RESOURCE ID: community_day_map_name
+TEXT: Meet other Trainers

Texts referring back to the map of Niantic meetups

Ticket Times Updated

RESOURCE ID: item_event_ticket_pink_desc
Removed TEXT: A ticket to access Special Research on September 18, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are.
Added TEXT: A ticket to access Special Research on September 18, 2022, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time, wherever you are.

The Community Day ticket has had the event times corrected.


+RESOURCE ID: photobomb_five_roggenrola
+TEXT: 5 surprise encounters with Roggenrola in GO Snapshot

Standard Community Day Photobombs

Goyang Safari Zone

Spritzee O Clock

+RESOURCE ID: bonus_spritzee_o_clock
+TEXT: At the top of each hour, Spritzee will appear in large numbers!

+RESOURCE ID: spritzee_o_clock
+TEXT: Spritzee O'Clock

+RESOURCE ID: spritzee_o_clock_description
+TEXT: Large numbers of Spritzee are appearing in the area

This looks like Spritzee breakouts similar to the Unown breakouts at Go Fest.

Goyang Cups

+RESOURCE ID: goyang_cup_title
+TEXT: Goyang Catch Cup

+RESOURCE ID: goyang_cup_title_post
+TEXT: Post-event Catch Cup: Goyang

+RESOURCE ID: bonus_catch_cup_daily
+TEXT: Event Catch Cup available for local Battlers

+RESOURCE ID: bonus_catch_cup_post
+TEXT: Post-event Catch Cup available in the GO Battle League for Safari Zone Goyang 2022 attendees

Texts for the Post-event Catch Cup available for those that attended the Safari Zone 

Exploration Challenge

+RESOURCE ID: tr_sz_goyang_global
+TEXT: Safari Zone Goyang – Exploration Challenge

There’s going to be a special Exploration Challenge as well.


+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0044
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone—Early Access

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0045
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0045_title
+TEXT: Goyang 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0046
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone—Early Access

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0046_title
+TEXT: Goyang, September 23, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0047
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0047_title
+TEXT: Goyang, September 23, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0048
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone—Early Access

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0048_title
+TEXT: Goyang, September 24, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0049
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0049_title
+TEXT: Goyang, September 24, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0050
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone—Early Access

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0050_title
+TEXT: Goyang, September 25, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0051
+TEXT: Pokémon GO Safari Zone

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_0051_title
+TEXT: Goyang, September 25, 2022

+RESOURCE ID: badge_event_044_title
+TEXT: Goyang 2022

Special Research

+RESOURCE ID: safari_2022_goyang_title
+TEXT: Safari Zone Goyang 2022

Part 1

+RESOURCE ID: safari_2022_goyang_title_0
+TEXT: Safari Zone Goyang 2022 (1/2)

+RESOURCE ID: safari_2022_goyang_dialogue_0_0
+TEXT: Welcome to Safari Zone Goyang, %PLAYERNAME%!

Part 2

+RESOURCE ID: safari_2022_goyang_title_1
+TEXT: Safari Zone Goyang 2022 (2/2)

+RESOURCE ID: safari_2022_goyang_dialogue_1_1 
+TEXT: Thanks to you, we’ve learned a lot about the Pokémon at Safari Zone Goyang!

Don’t strain yourself reading through all that… I’m sure there’s more coming later.  Maybe.  Or maybe Willow is still exhausted from his ultra wormhole experience that he’s mailing this one in.  Who knows.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Pokédex Filter

+RESOURCE ID: pokedex_filter_header
+TEXT: Filter By:

Indonesia Language Support

+RESOURCE ID: bahasa_indonesia
+TEXT: Bahasa Indonesia

They also re-pushed a lot of old stuff, but it’s old stuff so… That’s all for now Trainers, stay safe out there!

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