A few hours ago, more details about the “Starbucks leak” and rumored Generation 2 release have leaked. A number of Starbucks employees posted pictures confirming and debunking some of the initial speculations.

This first image to leak highlights Thursday, December 8th as the new date for a Starbucks event. It also gives instructions to current employees on how to treat customers.


As speculated, a number of Starbucks Stores are to become Gyms or PokeStops. This information was given away on the second page of the leak as it instructs Store Managers to prepare for transactions increase when it happens:

As mentioned in the leak, nearly all Starbucks Stores in U.S. will become either Gyms or Stops. Interestingly, a small number of stores was left out due to Niantic’s requirements. It is not yet known what these requirements entail.

Another detail was also leaked: customers will see the Pokemon GO Frappucino within the game. We are not sure how this will look, as Niantic is moving into uncharted territory here.

The event lasts from Thursday, December 8th until supplies last.

Third and final image shows the printed version of the e-mail sent out by Starbucks today:

There is no mention of Generation 2 or any special release. A few things to note here:

  1. Credible?: This leak is still not confirmed.
  2. New Pokemon: Remember, the client-side code for the next 100 species is already in the app. Niantic is able to roll out a new GAME_MASTER from the server side, which will bequeath movesets and official base stats. Hypothetically, that is all that is required, should the next 100 species pull entirely from the existing in-game moves.
  3. Potential client update: It’s possible a new client-side app update may occur between now and when Starbucks opens in the morning (EST) on Dec 8th, but it would have to begin rolling out very soon (most likely tomorrow).
  4. Increasing PokeStops: This may also be a way to roll out new PokeStops and Gyms (always a good thing)! And having coffee shop gyms will likely help cold-weather players have a more enjoyable gym scene.
  5. End Date?: More info shows the promotion will last “until supplies last.” It appears the PokeStop/Gym rollout and new species additions being a one-time event and the promo drink lasting until supplies last.