Eggstravaganza 2018 Egg and Shiny List: Everything We Know so Far

The Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Returns for More Hatching Excitement!

Trainers, this post is a live document and it’s updated often as new info comes in. Although we are trying to keep it up to date, there is a good chance that some hatches are missing. If you see one, reach out to our writers via Discord!

With that being said, here’s a preliminary list of Pokémon that can be hatched from 2KM Eggstravaganza eggs. Pokémon marked with yellow are confirmed to be new shiny egg hatches and Pokémon marked with light green are rare hatches from the new 2KM eggs.

Pokemon GO MagbyMagby
Pokemon GO TogepiTogepi
Pokemon GO WynautWynaut
Pokemon GO LarvitarLarvitar
Pokemon GO RaltsRalts
Pokemon GO BeldumBeldum
Pokemon GO BagonBagon
Pokemon GO SlakothSlakoth
Pokemon GO ChimechoChimecho
Pokemon GO GirafarigGirafarig
Pokemon GO ChanseyChansey
Pokemon GO EeveeEevee
Pokemon GO SphealSpheal
Pokemon GO ShellderShellder
Pokemon GO TrapinchTrapinch
Pokemon GO MareepMareep
Pokemon GO MakuhitaMakuhita
Pokemon GO WailmerWailmer
Pokemon GO WingullWingull
Pokemon GO PoochyenaPoochyena
Pokemon GO ScytherScyther
Pokemon GO BarboachBarboach
Pokemon GO CorphishCorphish
Pokemon GO MudkipMudkip
Pokemon GO TreeckoTreecko
Pokemon GO TorchicTorchic
Pokemon GO MantineMantine
Pokemon GO TyrogueTyrogue

In addition to these hatches, we can confirm that you get double candy for hatches that happen during the Eggstravaganza event. This applies to old and newly picked up eggs, so be sure to hatch a lot of eggs while you can.

Our two favourite shinies are Magby and Wynaut, despite shiny Magmar’s awkward red coloration:

A few tips and tricks

  • During the event, you will be getting only 2KM eggs. Although there is a fairly good sale in the in-game shop, you may reconsider spending a furious amount of Super Incubators on these 2KM eggs. You should read our sale breakdown and decide for yourself whether or not you’ll spend money on this event — Eggstravaganza 2018 box sale breakdown.
  • Although it is always exciting to get a new shiny form, the only future proof shiny you can get from this event is Magby. Check our guide on important cross generational evolutions or maybe our what to expect in Generation IV article if you’re one curious to learn more about Magmortar in Gen IV.
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