Eggstravaganza 2018 Brings New Shinies

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Trainers, we would like to introduce you to the newest batch of Babies on the block, the new Eggstravaganza Event Shiny Baby Pokémon!

Thanks to the expertise of ZeChrales, we were not only able to discover that this new event was around the corner, but in his latest findings, it was discovered that new Shiny sprites were added to the Network Traffic, potentially expected to be introduced with the Eggstravaganza Event. So, on behalf of the GO Hub Team, thank you ZeChrales! (If you don’t know who ZeChrales is, take a look at our Interview with the mastermind himself)

In the recent discoveries made by ZeChrales, we can see an array of new Shiny Pokémon, including Magby and Togepi’s Evolutionary lines. We can suspect that it will be possible to hatch these Shiny Babies during the Eggstravaganza Event. Aside from this, we can report the appearance of Shiny Wobbuffet as well.

Please note that all of these discoveries were made by taking a look at the Pokémon GO Network Traffic, so features you see here may not appear in the game.

Below is a table showing the newly discovered Shinies  along with their normal forms.

New Eggstravaganza Shiny Pokémon Sprites
Normal Shiny
Regular Shiny
Male Wobbuffet
Regular male Shiny male
Female Wobbuffet
Regular female Shiny female

Although these new Shiny Pokémon are nothing special in the meta game, we can expect this to change with the introduction of Generation 4. Once Generation 4 rolls in we will then have access to stronger evolutions such as Magmortar and Togekiss, so if you ever dreamed of having a Shiny Magmortar or Togekiss, now is your time to prepare!

Even though the performance of these Pokemon may not offer a big challenge in the meta, they can still become good member of any battle party, Magmortar acting as a Fire tank and Togekiss as a swift Fairy type Pokémon. On their own, these Pokémon will not have an impact with Generation 4 as some may wish, but they can still be wonderful Shinies to have!

Final Notes

It is unknown as of now if these Shinies will be hatch-able after the event, so play it safe and go out on a Pokémon Egg hunt during the Eggstravaganza Event, you might even hatch a few Shinies!

If you want to be better prepared and have a chance of catching these rare Shinies, take a look at our Eggstravaganza 2018 Guide.

Having issues with identifying Shinies? No problem! Our Artist CoupleOfGaming has been able to create a wonderful info-graphic for you to save and send to other trainers. Be on the lookout for these special Shiny Pokémon!

Have fun, stay safe, and Happy Eggstravaganza, Trainers!

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