Gen III Pokemon added to Game Master: Candy requirements, stats, placeholder moves and buddy distance

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this morning the Game Master file has changed again, adding all of the Gen III Pokemon stats, capture encounter info (camera movement, jump sequence, hit box size, etc…) and evolution candy requirements.

As of the time of this writing, all newly added Pokemon have placeholder moves (Tackle/Struggle) and buddy distances (5KM). No sight of abilities or new moves yet, but we’re expecting them in a later Game Master update. In addition, Latios and Latias genders have been fixed.

We are in the process of updating our Database with the new info. The new Game Master file can be explored here, and you can find all of the new Buddy distances in our Generation 3 Evolution Chart, which is now updated with the latest correct info.

Compared to Gen I and II, almost nothing changed in terms of evolution requirements:

  • 2 stage evolution lines cost 50 Candy, with the exception of the Feebas line
  • 3 stage evolution lines cost 25 + 100 Candy, with the exception of Wurmple and Whismur lines
  • All split evolution lines cost 50 Candy, including Nincada to Ninjask / Shedinja

As hinted above, Niantic did manage to surprise us with a few evolution lines:

We expect that the Feebas line will likely have a Buddy distance requirement, while Wurmple and Whismur will become the new Pidgey/Caterpie mass evolution fodder.

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Kirila game master example:

item_templates {
  template_id: "V0281_POKEMON_KIRLIA"
  pokemon_settings {
    pokemon_id: KIRLIA
    model_scale: 1.3
    camera {
      disk_radius_m: 0.555
      cylinder_radius_m: 1
      cylinder_height_m: 1
      shoulder_mode_scale: 0.5
    encounter {
      base_flee_rate: 0.04
      collision_radius_m: 0.25
      collision_height_m: 0.6
      collision_head_radius_m: 0.25
      movement_type: MOVEMENT_JUMP
      movement_timer_s: 11
      jump_time_s: 1.1
      attack_timer_s: 20
      bonus_candy_capture_reward: 2
      bonus_stardust_capture_reward: 200
      attack_probability: 0.1
      dodge_probability: 0.15
      dodge_duration_s: 1
      dodge_distance: 1
      camera_distance: 3.12
      min_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 0.2
      max_pokemon_action_frequency_s: 1.6
    stats {
      base_stamina: 76
      base_attack: 117
      base_defense: 100
    quick_moves: SPLASH_FAST
    cinematic_moves: STRUGGLE
    animation_time: 1.3333
    animation_time: 0.6667
    animation_time: 1.6667
    animation_time: 2
    animation_time: 0
    animation_time: 2
    animation_time: 3
    animation_time: 3
    evolution_pips: 1
    pokedex_height_m: 0.79
    pokedex_weight_kg: 20.2
    parent_pokemon_id: RALTS
    height_std_dev: 0.09875
    weight_std_dev: 2.525
    family_id: FAMILY_RALTS
    km_buddy_distance: 5
    model_height: 0.94545454
    evolution_branch {
      evolution: GARDEVOIR
      candy_cost: 100

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