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GO Battle League Rollout Temporarily Paused

The rollout of GO Battle League has been temporarily paused, Niantic shared on Twitter six hours ago. According to Niantic, the rollout was paused to ensure a smooth feature launch and prevent server issues. The developers will provide updates as soon as they are able.

While we wait to the feature rollout to start again, Niantic has clarified the 5 KM requirement and stacking future kilometers. Trainers need to walk 5 KM to unlock a set of 5 GO Battle League matches. As soon as the first set of battles is charged, you can start progressing towards the next set by walking and earning distance. This can be done 3 times a day, leading to a maximum of 15 matches for walking 15 kilometers in one day.

Some players have been able to access the feature yesterday and shared the initial screenshots. As of now, the feature seems disabled for most players and we’re not sure if matches were successfully played.

The GO Battle Hub UI is available by clicking the Battle button and it shows your avatar and Battle League stats (wins, battles, longest streak, stardust earned). You use it to que for online matches, manage your party and to access Team Leader training sessions:

We will update you as the rollout continues. Stay tuned for updates!


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