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Allow Us to Introduce: Pokémon GO Hub LATAM

Allow Us to Introduce: Pokémon GO Hub LATAM

Trainers, it is with great excitement and honor that we announce our brand new sister-site; GO Hub LATAM! GO Hub LATAM is an extension of the original GO Hub site directed towards Trainers in the Latin-American region of the world. GO Hub LATAM offers reading material in Spanish (and soon other dialects of Latin America) for Trainers interested in the latest news, newest guides, or other fun pieces highlighting the different countries of the region.

Before checking out GO Hub LATAM, we sat down for an interview with its creator, Diego. Asking him about GO Hub LATAM, but also giving Trainers the opportunity to meet the man behind the site.

Interview with GO Hub LATAM’s Diego

To start out, let’s talk a bit about yourself and your history with Pokémon…

Which is your favorite Pokémon from Pokémon GO?

Gyarados! (I love the shiny version)

How come?

Well, I love the story behind it. There’s an ancient Japanese tale that talks about a weak (but perseverant) fish that climbs a waterfall. The gods saw this and decided to transform that Karp into a giant and powerful dragon.


Which has been your favorite Generation in Pokémon GO so far?

Gen 1, definitely! I have a lot of memories… my first encounter with Chansey, my first shiny Magikarp, when I finally evolved Charmander into Charizard, traveling to Europe and catching my first Mr. Mime, the day Ditto appeared, Legendary Birds in raids… all incredible moments with new friends!


If you were a Gym leader, which type of Pokémon would you use?

Water-type Pokémon! I would of course, use Gyarados and some other Pokémon like Lapras and Vaporeon.


What was your first Pokémon experience?

I started watching the TV series when I was a kid (Until the Johto Journeys Season). After that, I played the trading card game for a short period and then Pokémon Crystal for Game Boy Color!

When did you get into Pokémon GO?

The same day the game appeared in the App Store in Argentina. I remember being at home, putting on my shoes, and walking through my neighborhood to catch a lot of Pidgey, Spearow and Rattata haha


How long did it take you to reach level 40?

I reached level 40 during the first Community Day (January 2018). It took me a year and a half. The bonus on that Community Day was double XP, so I tried to catch and evolve every Pokémon during the 3-hour window and at the end, I completed an Absol Raid with a lucky egg. It was a very emotional moment!


What has been your biggest Pokémon GO accomplishment?

Well, I recently hatched two shiny Shinx within a one hour difference during the Safari Zone in Porto Alegre, Brasil. That was insane! I still can’t believe it!

What about real life accomplishments? What is your most memorable Pokémon GO moment?

Probably being invited to the media lounge with press passes to cover the last Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago… I met Niantic employees, YouTubers, and Communities. It was a really nice experience that opened my mind about Niantic’s objectives and the Pokémon GO Community.


Alright, now for the more important questions…


When did you start GO Hub LATAM?

I started GO Hub LATAM with the support of Antonio (GO Hub) and Héctor (GO Hub ES) in April of 2018. In the beginning, I only had a Twitter Account, but after a few weeks, I created a Facebook Fan page and a profile on Instagram. Last week we finally launched our website!


What inspired you to start GO Hub LATAM?

I always thought that our region deserved more attention from Niantic… I saw massive non-official events hosted by communities during 2017 and 2018, so GO Hub LATAM was created with the idea of showing Niantic how passionate Latin-American Trainers are! The launch of GO Hub LATAM was with the #HolaNiantic initiative.


What is your long-term goal for GO Hub LATAM?

Well, I really want to keep working closely with the Communities and YouTubers to help Niantic host more events in Latin America. And of course, do what GO Hub has always done: Bring news, guides, and info-graphics to Trainers for a better game-play experience.


What plans do you have in-store for GO Hub LATAM?

That’s something you’ll have to wait and see. :wink:


What can readers hope to find when browsing the GO Hub LATAM website?

The website is new and we don’t have too much content right now, but we are working on new articles, guides, and trying to update the database to Spanish!


Is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers?

In only 8 months, Latin America went from being Niantic’s most ignored region to being one of the most catered. Many countries received the visit of Niantic representatives, they shared some official swag with trainers during Community Day events and we’ve already had our first Safari Zone in the city of Porto Alegre, Brasil. All these achievements were products of the union between Trainers, communities, and YouTubers that showed the passion we have for Pokémon GO in these regions. The greatest thing about this game is its community. For that reason, join, be positive, start initiatives, motivate, socialize, help those in need, try to be better people day-by-day and show the entire world that Pokémon GO is not just a game.

Final Notes

As someone that has personally worked with Diego and GO Hub LATAM, I can say with certainty that GO Hub LATAM will be making bigger appearances in the future, not only is Latin America a thriving and diverse region of the world, but we now have a website meant to dedicate to these Trainers. We now have a website dedicated to showing the world the powerhouse that is; Latin America.

Be sure to make some commotion in the comments and on social media, welcoming and congratulating our newest member of the GO Hub Family, and of course, don’t forget to check out everything GO Hub LATAM related and help give the website some much-needed attention.

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¡Bienvenidos a GO Hub LATAM!