AR Photographer Interview : PKMNsnaps

PKMNsnaps is an AR photographer who absolutely excels at realism, and creates incredible battle scenes. He is someone whose work is aspirational to many...

AR Photographer Interview: Mythical Lae Snaps

Mythical Lae Snaps is an incredible AR photographer. From adorable smiling Pokémon to realistic settings and scenery, her work is sure to inspire! From...

AR Photographer Interview: Ash Ketzchup

For our second interview in our new AR photographer interview series, we want to introduce you to the amazing Ash Ketzchup, who is truly...

AR Photographer Interview : ZoëTwoDots

As part of a new series, we want to introduce you to some of the incredible AR photography community. There are so many brilliantly...

Interview with TrojanTroy1: A Top 50 Player in GO Battle League

This weekend I had the privilege of interviewing one of the top 50 GO Battle League (GBL) players in the world, and asked him...
Pokémon GO Datamine

OmaBot: An Interview with the Developers

Trainers, I know many of you use Discord. More specifically Bots on Discord to keep track of certain things such as raid timers, bosses,...
Pokemon GO PvP

The State of PvP in Pokemon GO

First of all, let's just say it out loud, from pretty much the whole PvP playing community.: THANK YOU FOR LISTENING NIANTIC. For those...

Giving Back: An Interview With RioHammer!

Today Trainers, we have another Giving Back interview for you. This one is with the gentleman that organizes Charity Events within his Italian player-base...

Giving Back: An Interview With TealRose!

Giving Back: The Interview Today, however, we have another interview. This one is with an American player-bases Community Giving Coordinator: TealRose. She has helped organize many different charity...

Giving Back: An Interview With RmKruger!

Trainers, a short while ago we posted an article titled Giving Back: The Charity Work Of Local Communities!. This featured a section about a Community...

Allow Us to Introduce: Pokémon GO Hub LATAM

Trainers, it is with great excitement and honor that we announce our brand new sister-site; GO Hub LATAM! GO Hub LATAM is an extension...
GO Ranger app

GO Ranger: app review and interview with the developer

GO Ranger is mobile field guide for Pokémon Go. It's a useful hub of information that covers real-time countdowns on events going on in...

John Hanke interview with IGN: Pokémon GO Fest 2018

Yesterday, Andrew Golfarb (Andrew is IGN’s executive editor of news and currently has 367 368 Pokemon caught in his Pokedex) had a lengthy interview with...
Operation PokeExplore Announced

Verified TL40 Club Interview: meet the world’s most hardcore Pokemon GO players

After our relatively recent article titled Discovering the Verified Level 40 Club: a secret club for the world's most hardcore players, we were given...
Mystic7 Interview

Mystic7 interview at the Paris Safari Zone event

In addition to the Safari Zone Report: Paris , Miles had the opportunity to hang out and interview Mystic7 during his time at the event! This video...
Interview with Tatsuo Nomura, Sr. Product Manager at Niantic

Interview with Tatsuo Nomura, Sr. Product Manager at Niantic

Trainers, a couple of weeks ago, we've gathered a number of player suggested questions and sent them over to Niantic media contacts, hoping to get...
Pokémon GO Big Heritage Chester

Interview with Dean Paton, Big Heritage: Pokemon GO at the Chester Heritage Festival

We had the privilege of interviewing Dean Paton, founder and managing director of Big Heritage, a UK heritage organization responsible for one of the...
Pokémon GO Sunset

David Hollin (Niantic) interview: “Save your candy” clarified, PvP and Trading on the horizon!

In a short video interview with the A-to-J Connections, David Hollin (Niantic Inc.) shared a lot of information on the state of the game,...
Players find a way to get new Pokéstops

Of Ingress and Pokémon GO – a top level player’s perspective

We have the rare luxury to interview Rdash123 again today, this time on the difference between his experience in Ingress and Pokémon GO. For...

Interview with Rdash123, highest level Pokémon GO player in Croatia

Today we have an unusual honour of interviewing the highest level player in Croatia, Rdash123 of Team Instinct fame! Rdash123 is a valuable member...

Storimõd devs open up about PvP in Pokemon GO

We had a chance to talk with the development team behind Storimod, a real time PvP and social network for Pokemon GO. You can...

Pokemon GO future revealed in a Q&A panel with Raza Ahmad, Niantic

Yesterday, UCLA held a Q&A panel about Augmented Reality Games with Raza Ahmad, a member of the Niantic creative team. Raza is a UCLA...
Level 39 Pokemon GO

The Jimmie Pitts Interview: Level 39 player from Buffalo, NY

We spoke with Jimmie Pitts, a truly hardcore Pokemon GO player from Buffalo, New York. Jimmie is a Level 39 Pokemon Trainer, and quite...