How to get Night Spawns during the Solstice Horizons 2023 event

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If you are trying to complete the Solstice Horizons 2023 collection challenges, you probably noticed that it is very hard to get any of the night dwelling Pokémon – the night spawn cycle seems broken, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it is working as intended. The game will start spawning night time Pokémon roughly 2 hours after the sun sets in your area. In other words, if your sunset is at 9 PM, you won’t see any nocturnal Pokémon before 11 PM.

Catching those nocturnal Pokémon could prove to be very hard, especially if you live at a higher latitude (closer to the North Pole), where the sun currently sets at around 11:30 PM.

Here are some things about Pokémon GO’s day and night system you should know:

  • Pokémon GO spawns go into “night mode” 2 hours after “sunset”, and return to “day mode” 2 hours after “sunrise”.
  • Sunset and sunrise are when your game map goes visually into night / day mode.
  • The game uses local sunrise and sunset times to calculate spawns and the in-game map visuals

Depending on where you live, your night time could be very limited, and it could actually be easier to catch night time Pokémon two hours after sunrise!

Solstice Horizons 2023 Collection Challenges

Pokémon GO Solstice Event 2023

Here are the Solstice Horizons 2023 Night and Day Collection Challenges that you can complete. Complete the event-themed Collection Challenges to receive 2000 Stardust and encounters with the following Pokémon.

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