Jimmie Pitts has did it – he has hit Level 40 and become the first Pokemon Trainer to reach the Level Cap legitimately. We previously reported on his Level 39 progress and his plan to hit Level 40 in two days, so make sure you read his full story here.

Jimmie has posted an update on Buffalo Pokemon GO Facebook group with a screenshot of his level up screen and a simple comment:

“I am the very best like no one ever was…”

The comment section of the post is on fire currently with friends and fellow players congratulating Jimmy on his dedication and success. We’ll be reaching out to Jimmy for an interview later today.

The best Pokemon GO player in the world

Jimmie Pitts hits Level 40 and becomes the worlds first Pokemon GO player to do so. He also becomes the very best Pokemon trainer in the world, fulfilling the age old lyrics from the Pokemon anime.

From our previous conversations with him, Jimmie is a god when it comes to grinding and leveling up, so this comes as no surprise.

With a little less than 3 months of play, he managed to beat the game and achieve something many said it was impossible to do in under a year.

Here’s a picture of Jimmie’s leveling squad:


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