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Nests and spawn points have changed again!

Nests and spawn points have changed again!
Pokemon GO Nest Migration

TheSilphRoad sub reddit is receiving widespread reports that The Fourth Great Migration has just occurred. Nests and spawn points all across the world have changed dramatically with multiple Pokemon nests appearing and disappearing.

This change comes as a surprise as it was merely 9 days since the previous nests migration.

Players are reporting “insane spawn numbers” all across the globe as the new Nests settle in, so we suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and go for a walk!

Nests and spawns changed again

Besides the huge changes to existing nests, Niantic is adding more new spawn points with every migration!

According to player reports, new spawn points are popping up left and right, with players mostly reporting normal spawn points. Unfortunately, an increase in rare spawns has not yet been reported.

There is no migration list yet, as this news is only 4 hours old, so we’re still compiling a sensible list of nest and specie changes.

Trackers not working, spawns changing

The Fourth Great Migration comes at a peculiar time for the game in general. Just a few hours ago, Niantic has cracked down on most of the tracking apps and disabled their functionality by introducing Captcha mechanisms. Now, we’re seeing nests change, new capture bonuses announced and better stability overall.

We don’t want to jinx it, but it seems that Niantic has finally awoken from their “release-the-game-everywhere” slumber and are working towards improving the gameplay for the existing player base.

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